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There is another way

Do you absolutely hate the magic ring? Do you cringe every time a pattern or tutorial requires you start your project by using the magic ring? Have you tried and tried to master this technique and still come up short? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you MUST watch my tutorial for the alternative magic ring method!

I have several patterns which recommend the use of a magic ring. I have filmed detailed tutorials of how to do it. Even though I’ve taken the measures to explain the magic ring to my audience, I can’t deny the fact that not everyone will get it and even if they do, they  may hate it! Here is my solution: demonstrate an alternative magic ring method.


Alternative Magic Ring Method with Brittany

This tutorial is also available in a left handed version. Click here to be directed to the left handed tutorial on YouTube.

Let’s Recap…

The alternative method to the magic ring gives you the same tight circle as a magic ring without all the headache.

Tools You’ll Need For the Alternative Magic Ring Method

All you’ll need for the alternative magic ring method is your yarn (or scraps if your practicing), your crochet hook and a darning needle.

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I’d love to hear what you think about the alternative magic ring method. Have you used it on projects? If so, did it stay secure? Getting input from multiple crocheters will really help us all decide if this is the right starting technique for us. Leave your experience in the comments below!

Cheers for now!

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