10 Best Crochet Tips for Beginners

Tips from Top Designers

So you’re new to crochet? That’s fantastic!

If you find yourself reading this post, you have most likely discovered that crochet is an incredibly relaxing and rewarding hobby. For some it’s the comfort in the repetitive motions while for others, the extreme sense of self accomplishment when they grasp the hat they made with their bare hands (and hooks too!)

Yes, crochet is perfect. It is perfect for me and it is perfect for so many of you. 

As with anything else, there is a learning curve involved when we are just starting out. I personally found this part the most exciting…figuring out “the hard way” why it’s necessary to count my stitches and chain at the end of a row. I realize that for many of you, this may be the furthest thing from exciting.

There is an overflow of information available on the web. This is both good and bad. So to make your lives a little easier (and in true B.hooked Crochet fashion), I have put together the ultimate list…the best crochet tips for beginners.

Why is this list the best crochet tips for beginners? It’s simple, because it was written by the crochet industry’s top designers

I have joined forces with some of the greatest crochet designers around the world to bring you 10 of the finest crochet tips for beginners.


Tip #1  Cre8tion Crochet

Cre8tion Crochet
Crochet Designer, Lorene Eppolite,  from Cre8tion Crochet.

Never give up.  No one figured out crochet after one, two or even three times.  I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times I frog a new project before I get the desired look I am going for.  Success is not getting it right all of the time, just be sure to learn from your mistakes.  Some of my biggest “failures” have turned out to be my most popular designs.  Just keep practicing and don’t forget you can reuse yarn over and over again, so nothing is wasted!

– Lorene Eppolite



Tip #2  Moogly Blog

Moogly Blog
Crochet Designer, Tamara Kelly,  from Moogly Blog.

When you are learning to crochet, pick a smooth, light colored yarn, and a simple hook. Then just jump in and start playing around with the stitches – find out what happens when you insert your hook there, or there – and don’t be afraid to pull it all out when you’re done! Relax and enjoy the process, and the discovery!

-Tamara Kelly


Tip #3  Crochet Kim

Crochet Kim
Crochet Designer, Kim Guzman,  from Crochet Kim.

Remember that crocheting is not something that is going to be perfect right away. It will take practice to get the stitches made correctly and at the same tension. Practice, practice and don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t get it immediately. And, count! Counting stitches is really important, especially when learning.

-Kim Guzman


Tip #4  The Crochet Crowd

The Crochet Crowd
Crochet Designer, Michael Sellick,  from The Crochet Crowd.

It’s not a race to become the ultimate supreme crocheter. It’s about expressing your creativity through yarn. When you sit back, relax and learn to crochet, the speed of learning will come naturally to you. Embrace the journey.

-Michael Sellick


Tip #5  Just Be Happy Crochet

Just Be Happy Crochet
Crochet Designer, Alessandra, from Just Be Happy Crochet.

When weaving in the ends of a hat or garment that stretches horizontally, weave your ends vertically to prevent the tails from unraveling when the fiber stretches with the wear!



Tip #6 Fresh Stitches

Fresh Stitches
Crochet Designer, Stacey Trock, from Fresh Stitches.

Look for the ‘teardrop’ when crocheting… it’s how you know you’re giving yourself a nice, even gauge as well as enough room to get your hook through.

-Stacey Trock



Tip #7 Salena Baca Crochet

Salena Baca Crochet
Crochet Designer, Salena Baca, from Salena Baca Crochet.

Learn the invisible join technique! I’ve crocheted my entire life, and finishing projects with a standard knot always bothered me. Especially with smaller projects, this technique has helped to make my projects appear more finished, polished and professional looking. I wish I had learned this years (decades…) ago, and it’s definitely one simple thing I incorporate into a majority of my projects that I’m always thankful for. Learn it; you won’t be sorry!

-Salena Baca


Tip #8 Little Monkeys Crochet

Little Monkeys Crochet
Crochet Designer, Rebecca, from Little Monkeys Crochet.

You aren’t defined by the size of your yarn stash! If you join any Facebook crochet groups, you’ll begin to see people post photos of their ridiculously huge stashes of yarn. If you have the disposable income to buy a dozen skeins of yarn every time it goes on sale, go for it! But if you can’t, don’t feel inadequate. Many crocheters (including myself!) only buy yarn when we need it for a project. Crochet does not have to be an expensive hobby!



Tip #9 Danyel Pink Designs

Danyel Pink Designs
Crochet Designer, Danyel Pink, from Danyel Pink Designs.

When working a single crochet ribbing for a garment, such as the edge of a hat or pair of mittens, try working the first and last stitch of each row through both loops. You will still get the ribbed texture, but the edge of the piece will look cleaner, and it will maintain its shape better.

-Danyel Pink


Tip #10 B.hooked Crochet

Crochet Designer, Brittany, from B.hooked Crochet.

Be passionately curious. Pay close attention to photos of crochet and see if you can identify the stitches and techniques used. Be patient, this will take a little time. Once you are able to identify them, give it a try. The ability to recognize stitches and patterns is a sign that you have a very clear understanding of crochet and that you can make anything you set your mind to.




Wow, this is such an incredible, at-a-glace crochet resource for beginners. Each tip is unique and so very useful to beginner crocheters.

Which tip is your favorite? Leave your answer in the comments below!

Happy Hooking Friends!

Brittany copy

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