Reverse Single Crochet

Skill Level



No Multiple


Border stitch

The reverse single crochet stitch is a classic border stitch that creates a clean, textured edge to your projects. With no multiple to fuss with, it’s incredibly easy and a great border stitch for beginner’s to learn.

reverse single crochet stitch
getting started

Suggested Supplies

Pair the reverse single crochet stitch with a contrast color of the same project yarn for a border that pops or use the same color for a more blended, clean look. Or choose a completely different yarn for even more contrast. This stitch is very versatile and can be worked with all sorts of yarns.

Supplies used in demonstration video:

  • Lily Sugar ‘N Cream Yarn
  • 5.5 mm Crochet Hook
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors

  • Ch chain
  • Hk Hook
  • Rsc Reverse Single Crochet
  • Slst Slip Stitch
  • YO Yarn Over

The reverse single crochet is worked in the opposite direction than a normal single crochet. So you will need to add your border yarn at the opposite end from what you normally crochet. For right-handed crocheters, join border yarn at left side of project. For left-handed crocheters, join border yarn at right side of project.

Additional Notes: Ch 1 at beginning of border row does not count as a stitch.

Row 1: Ch 1. In same st as ch 1, work the Rsc as follows: swing hk back and insert in designated stitch. YO and pull up a loop. YO and pull through two loops. Cont border by working 1 rsc in each st.

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