Motivation: See How Others Stay Motivated During Long Projects


We all need a little help getting through a long project sometimes. The afghan that’s been a WIP (work in progress) for three years; the scarf you started last summer that would currently only keep your daughter’s teddy bear warm. We all have them hiding in our house just waiting to become something great.

At any given time I have between 5 and 10 WIP’s, some of which have been around for months…or even longer. I dream up a new project and leave the old ones in the dust. It happens to the best of us!

So how to we stay motivated to finish a long project? I turned to my wonderful crowd on my Facebook page for a quick poll to find out what motivates you. The results are fascinating!

The pattern in the picture above is available for free here on B.hooked Crochet. You can find the pattern and full video tutorial here:

Scrapghan Pattern and Tutorial

The Poll Results are in! Here’s how YOU stay motivated…

  • Crocheting small projects in between
  • Watch TV
  • Pick another project and switch back and forth
  • Stop to weave in the ends to break up the stitching
  • Start another project or two
  • Make dish cloths for a quick reset
  • Make little things to feel accomplished
  • The need to see the finished project
  • Listen to music
  • Plan the next project
  • Take a break from working on it
  • Make myself finish a certain number of rows or skeins before I stop
  • Use color transitions to keep my interest

It’s clear that each of us have our own methods of staying motivated. My hope for this post is to give you some ideas of how your  fellow crocheters are dealing with motivation, that way you can find your own.

What Do You Think?

Are there any other methods you use to stay motivated? Leave your comments below!


Until next time my friends!

Brittany copy

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