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Russian Join: Change Skeins Without Knots or Ends

How To Make the Russian Join

Russian Join: No Knots, No Ends

Sounds great, right?!

It is, it’s one of the coolest techniques I’ve tried so far. At first glance, it seems to solve all of our little nuances – knots and ends!

I say this with two caveats…

  1. Strength of the join is still a big question. I mention in the tutorial that the longer you weave in the end of each strand, the stronger the join will be. But just how strong is strong? This is something I have not fully tested and to be honest, I am a bit hesitant to use this join in a project. No knots and ends are great but the one thing they do is guarantee security.
  2. Love roving style yarn? Proceed with caution. You all know how much I love roving style yarn. The texture is delicious in my fiber-loving eyes. A word of caution to my fellow roving yarn enthusiasts – I have not successfully made a Russian join that held up to the test of tugging on the two ends.

I tell you these things not to scare you away from trying the Russian join but to provide you with some tips that no one else will tell you.

The Russian join was a fun challenge and a great technique to add to my crochet toolbox. I welcome you to give it a try!

The Russian Join with Brittany


The Russian Join is a technique used to join two skeins of yarn that eliminates the need for knots and ends to weave in. It’s most successful on plied yarn.

Tools You’ll Need for the Russian Join

All you’ll need for the Russian join is your two skeins of yarn (or cuts if your practicing) and a darning needle. I recommend using the smallest darning needle possible to make weaving it into the plies easier. A needle threader is also a great tool to have.

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I’d love to hear what you think about the Russian join. Have you used it on projects? If so, did it stay secure? Getting input from multiple crocheters will really help us all decide if this is the right joining technique for us. Leave your experience in the comments below!

Cheers for now!

Brittany copy

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