What Does “Frogging” Mean?

If you hang around knitters or crocheters long enough, eventually you’ll hear them say they had to “frog it” or they are “frogging” their project. You might find yourself wondering what does frogging mean anyway?

Frogging is undoing a project or section of a project.  

Whether you need to rip out a few stitches because you made a little mistake or you rip out an entire project because you fell out of love with it, frogging is the term used by knitters and crocheters to explain that.

“That’s a funny word” you say.

Pulling out stitches has absolutely nothing to do with frogs. So where did the term “frogging” come from? It’s silly, really. When we frog, we “rip it, rip it” stitch after stitch. That kind of sounds like “ribbit, ribbit” doesn’t it? Precisely. The term “frogging” was coined (by an unknown person, we think) based on this silly similarity.

A little tip to help you tame the frogging chaos.

In the instance where you decide to frog an entire project (or a big portion of one), you’ll be left with a ramen noodle-like mess. If you’re not careful you’ll find yourself in a long session of untangling (ask me how I know). Here’s a little frogging hack when you find yourself in this situation.

Use a yarn ball winder to do the frogging.

Instead of removing the stitches with your fingers and letting the yarn fly, attach the end to your yarn ball winder, slowly turn the handle to rip out the stitches and it’ll be neatly wound into a little yarn cake for when you want to use the yarn again.

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