Tulip Etimo Crochet Hooks: Two Years Later

Almost two years ago, I purchased a luxury crochet hook set called the Tulip Etimo and published a product review for you to see if they were right for you too. At the time, I had only used them for a few months so I was not able to speak to their longevity.

Two years later, I love them just as much as I did back in 2015. Maybe even more. Yeah, definitely more.

I’m here to bring you an updated video on how my Tulips have held up to the countless projects and thousands upon thousands of stitches I’ve thrown at them. I think you’ll be impressed. Before you have a look at this update, I recommend you have a look at my original review where I speak much more about the details of the hooks and why I feel they are one of the best on the market.

Tulip Etimo Crochet Hook Review

Now for the update on the condition of my Tulips and the case after two years of serious use.

Tulip Etimo Crochet Hooks: Two Years Later


The Case

As you saw from the video, the fabric and plastic case the Tulips come with look exactly the same after nearly two years and repeated use. There is no fraying of stitching in the fabric or seams. The interior zipper still functions flawlessly. There is no sign of ripping or tearing of the plastic lining or hook holders.

I’m impressed, Tulip, really.

The Hooks

The case has gone through a lot over the last two years but not nearly as much as the hooks. As a full time blogger and crochet designer, I crochet A LOT. The only time I don’t have one of these hooks in my hand is when I’m typing these posts for you and well, when I’m sleeping.

Since I purchased these hooks back in January of 2015, I’ve completed more than 100 projects and easily more than 100,000 stitches. They’ve held up really well.

Initially, I was concerned about the label on the hook. Two years have tested and the label looks exactly the same.

I also had a concern for the appearance of the handle. Same – no difference.

These hooks look exactly the way they did when I took them out of the packaging.


Why I recommend them for you

Sure, investing in a hook set that will withstand the test of time and lots of yarn is a huge plus. However, it’s not the only reason I’m recommending them for you once again.

Reason #1: I use them every day

It goes against everything I stand for to recommend a product that I don’t love and use myself. I use them everyday…all day. When I tell you about them, it comes from actual experience. If you don’t believe me, go through my Instagram feed and see how many times I’ve snapped in progress photos. They are in nearly every single one.

Reason #2: They improved my stitches

The shape of the hook and the material it is made with makes a real difference in your stitching. It sounds trivial but you’ll be a believer once you find the combination that is right for you. The combination of hook shape and material improved my tension and stitches. They are always uniform and neat.

Reason #3: They helped my hand fatigue

It’s no secret that an ergonomic handle will help prevent hand fatigue and allow for longer crochet binges. What makes the Tulip Etimo handle unique in my eyes is the thumb grip and its lightweight quality. They are lighter than a pencil.


Where you can get them

It’s really unfortunate that they are not available in stores. If I could change one thing about them, that would be it. I know many of you like to see and feel something before you purchase it and ordering them online may feel a little weird.

This is an online purchase you won’t regret.

I recommend purchasing your hooks from Amazon, the largest and most trusted online marketplace in the world. When you purchase from Amazon, your information is secure and you have access to easy returns should you decide that these hooks are not for you. It’s a win win situation really!

I personally have the black set of Tulips, however, there are other options available.

Tulip Etimo Rose

The Tulip Etimo Rose crochet hook set is almost identical to the black set that I’ve featured in this video and in my earlier review. Here are the main differences:

  • Case is different – slightly larger and “notebook” style.
  • Color of handles
  • Hook sizes enclosed

Tulip Etimo “Candy” 

The Tulip Etimo Candy set is easily confused with the Rose set. This is the latest addition of set options. You will find that it is nearly identical to my black set with these differences:

  • Case enclosure snap is different
  • Hook sizes enclosed

Tulip Etimo Steel

The Tulip Etimo Steel set is primarily for thread crochet. The hook sizes enclosed are much smaller, the largest being a 1.75 mm.

Now that you understand the different options available, it’s time to decide which is right for you.

Disclosure: Please note that the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you decide to purchase your supplies through these links. Please understand that I have experience with these products and I recommend them because I personally use them every day and they have positively impacted how I crochet, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy them. If you have received valuable information from me at any point, this is one easy way to pay it forward and say thank you for a job well done. Thank you!


If you’re not sure, start small

I realize that purchasing the Tulip Etimo hooks can be a significant investment. I personally paid $110 for my set but not before I tried them first. None of the sets come with a size 6.5 mm hook, a size I use fairly often. I decided to purchase the 6.5 mm hook to try them out and when I was ready to invest in the full set, was able to add to it rather than have a duplicate.

The price for the Tulip Etimo crochet hooks sold individually are very reasonable and the easiest way to see if they are right for you too. I encourage you to purchase one hook in the size of your choice and work up a project or two before investing in the full set. Here are a few sizing options to get you started. If you need another size, simply type “Tulip Etimo Crochet Hook Size…” in the search box just below these options.


If you already own Tulip Etimo hooks and you swear by them as I do, I’d love for you to leave your feedback in the comments below. Even if you tried them and didn’t like them, tell me that too! This review represents my own opinion and personal experience with them but I realize not everyone will feel the same.

When we each provide our feedback, we can help those who are on the fence about upgrading their crochet hooks. That’s really what these product reviews are about. Not a way for me to make commissions but rather a reliable source for you to turn to when looking to buy a new crochet related product. Remember, I will always be honest with you and never try to sell you on something I don’t love and use myself. The affiliate commissions that come as a result of that are the real byproduct of how well I have served you.

Happy hooking!

Brittany copy

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