Your New Crochet Podcast | The BHooked Podcast Episode 1

Today’s crochet podcast will be a little different from the norm. Since this is the first show, I’d like to take this time to give you an introduction of who I am and how I got started with crochet and my brand. We’ll talk a little bit about B.hooked Crochet, how it got started and why a podcast is so valuable to my method of teaching. We’ll cover formalities of the show – what to expect and when. But most importantly, we’re going to explore how this podcast will benefit you and why you should continue listening in the future.


I hope you enjoyed that little journey with me, discovering a little more about who I am and why I do what I do. I love my job and I love this podcast already. I can’t wait to serve you in next week’s episode, session 002 where we will dive into the first of a multi-episode series about reading crochet patterns. This is a big one guys.

I know many of you struggle reading patterns because you’ve told me so on several occasions. Last year I put together a brilliant plan called Master Crochet Patterns to solve this problem. Although the format has changed since first conception, the content today is the same. Initially, I wanted to release Master Crochet Patterns as an eBook. I set an aggressive timeline and took a few pre-orders from founding members. I later made the difficult decision to refund those orders to spend more time developing a product I can truly be proud of – something I KNOW will help you solve your problems.

Beginning next week March 9, 2017,  Master Crochet Patterns will be released as a series of podcast episodes.

Why an audio format?

The original idea to release Master Crochet Patterns was to teach you how to read patterns in the teaching voice you’ve grown accustomed to but keep it in the medium you’ll need to focus on – reading. This goes against my first instinct to teach through video because I believe that a video isn’t going to help you. The best way to learn a topic is to do so in a similar medium.

I have dedicated my heart and soul to creating video tutorials. They are great for teaching crochet techniques. However, when it comes to mastering crochet patterns, I’ll meet you half way. Starting next week, you’ll be able to listen to my same lessons from Master Crochet Patterns in the voice your familiar learning from but in a medium that’s more closely related to patterns.

Set a reminder to come back on March 9th for the next episode. I can’t wait to share these techniques of reading patterns that I’ve developed over the last several years!

Thanks for Listening!

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Special thanks to our sponsor, Red Heart Yarn for allowing me to teach you these very important concepts about reading crochet patterns.

Bye for now,

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