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Four years ago to the day, I sat among a pile of crinkled and frayed yarn. To my left, an iPad displaying the most beautiful crochet hat I had ever seen while to my right, a crochet hook that had been flung in frustration. My arms were folded and my face wrinkled with defeat. Just a couple of days prior, my mom told me about how cold her ears were while walking the dog in the freezing Tennessee evenings. Her hands are consumed with arthritis and will not allow her to crochet for any length of time. I decided right then and there to make her the most beautiful crochet hat, you know, the kind she could look proudly at and say “my daughter made this for me”. I was so caught up in this moment I forgot one simple fact. I had no clue how to read a crochet pattern.

I tell this story to help put things into perspective for you. Yes, just four short years ago I could not read a pattern. I didn’t know what abbreviations were, I didn’t know how to wrap my brain around repeats. I had never successful completed a project from a pattern – but what I did have was determination.

Learning is easy when you have two main ingredients: information presented to you in a way you can understand and the motivation to put it into practice.

In the Master Crochet Patterns series, you will be given the information you need to fully understand how to read crochet patterns and diagrams. This is real “pattern school” and it is absolutely critical to your success. Throughout this series, I will present the anatomy of a written pattern and diagram and then we will move forward into the technique behind translating what you read into stitches. We will even address the many struggles, obstacles and excuses that keep you from diving in hook first. I have heard and felt them all and I will tell you exactly how I worked through each and every one.  


As I’m preparing this new series for you, I can’t help but look back on that day of frustration and fuzzy yarn. I felt helpless and I nearly gave up. Crochet has been such a big part of my life since then and I can’t imagine where I would be if I quit right then and there. I know you must have some of the same feelings since you are reading this post. Maybe you want to make something special for a friend or perhaps you just want to prove to yourself that you simply can do it. Either way, you’re in the right place.

Being on the other side of a successfully completed project, starting from a pattern and absolute confusion is the motivation behind sharing this book with you. I’ve been there and I know what is possible. Sure you can follow a tutorial or maybe you have made up a few of your own designs. I did this in my early days too. I had no clue how to read patterns so I made up my own. It’s actually how I got started with designing. But I tell you as a friend and a fellow crocheter, there is no greater sense of satisfaction than going from a pattern and a ball of yarn to a gift that someone will cherish. If crocheting is something you plan on doing for many years to come, it’s so important to perfect the skill of following a pattern.

Four years ago I didn’t have the resource you are looking forward to today but what I did have was the determination and motivation to make something beautiful for my mother. Consider this lesson one on your new journey to reading crochet patterns: with the proper resources and determination, you can read a pattern and you will. That part is so important, I’ll say it again:

You can read a pattern and you will.


Master Crochet Patterns Schedule

Consider this post your “hub” of information. Once each part of the series is available, you’ll find it linked here in the schedule.

  1. March 6, 2017 – How to Read a Crochet Pattern Part 1: Pattern Structure (blog post)
  2. March 9, 2017 – Four Ingredients to Success Part 1: Reading & Visualization (podcast episode)
  3. March 16, 2017 – Four Ingredients to Success Part 2: Writing & Drawing (podcast episode)
  4. March 20, 2017 – How to Read a Crochet Pattern Part 2: Diagram Structure (blog post)
  5. March 23, 2017 – Decipher the Diagram Code (podcast episode)
  6. March 30, 2017 – Understanding Repeats (podcast episode)
  7. April 6, 2017 – Focus is Key (podcast episode)
  8. April 13, 2017 – Breaking the Visual Habit (podcast episode)
  9. April 20, 2017 – The Confidence You Need to Succeed (podcast episode)

As you can see, most of the resources are podcast episodes. That means you’ll be able to listen to me talk about the topic just as if I were sitting next to you. The more concrete topics are listed as blog posts because I feel this is the best way to help you learn.

This is going to be a fun ride, folks!

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