#5 Understanding Crochet Pattern Repeats

Understanding Crochet Pattern Repeats

The large majority of crochet designs include some kind of repetition. We repeat stitches and rows and everything in between. The repetitive motions of crochet is without a doubt one of it’s more soothing qualities, at least for me. However, in terms of crochet pattern repeats it’s usually the component that causes us the most confusion.

Believe it or not, the purpose of a special format for pattern repeats is to simplify and shorten the length of the pattern overall and make reading it more easy. It’s been said, many years ago shortening stitch patterns into repeats was to save ink and paper during pattern production. Even though nowadays you can find more patterns digitally than in print, crochet repeats still exist.

In today’s podcast, we’re going to dive into the world of crochet repeats. Understanding them is the next step of our Master Crochet Patterns journey and I personally can say how amazing it will feel to finally “get it”. We’ll break down the type of repeats you’ll find within a pattern – row repeats, repeats with asterisks, repeats with brackets, repeats with parenthesis and look at an example of each.


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Repeats with Brackets

[skip next Dc, Ch 2, 3 Dc in next] 2 times.

Repeats with Parenthesis

(2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc)

Repeats with Asterisks

*3 dc, ch 1, skip next st.

Row Repeats

*Sk next ch. 2 Dc in next ch. Repeat from * across.

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