#7 Break Free from the Tutorial Habit

You think you’re only a tutorial person? I’m here to convince you otherwise.

The concept for this topic came early in my preparation for the Master Crochet Patterns segment because I set out to find a solution for those who have convinced themselves that they can only follow a video tutorial. What I’ve found throughout my research and preparation is that it isn’t so much a question of “can” but “will”.

I’m a firm believer in that anyone can learn a topic if they have the right motivation, guidance and support. That’s exactly what we’ll address in this week of The BHooked Podcast – finding the motivation to step out of your comfort zone a bit. With some simple guidance you just might surprise yourself. And when all else seems to fail, I’ll help you find the support system that will get you through it.


Mentioned in this Episode

There are no special resources for this session, just good old fashioned learning. If you’re tuning in for the first time, I really think you’ll benefit from listening to the previous episodes in our Master Crochet Patterns segment! Here’s a list of the Master Crochet Patterns podcast episodes:

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