#11 Expressing Yourself With Crochet

You put a little bit of yourself in every project you make.

For most of us, crochet is life. We live and breath double crochets and yarn overs. It’s the single activity we look forward to every day and the only thing that makes our hearts pitter patter when we stroll down the yarn isle. We live to create with our hooks, hands and favorite yarn. It’s passion.

When you’re as invested in something as we are, you put a little piece of yourself into every project you make. As we move from one project to the next, we discover a little more about ourselves – what we like and what we don’t; what colors speak to us. Every aspect of that project tells a story of where you were at that particular time in your life. We express ourselves through crochet.

special guest

Jessica Carey

Jessica is the pink-haired and giggly lady behind The Hook Nook. There she inspires her community to build confidence in themselves as well as within their chosen craft. She recently launched her own yarn line, hooks and accessories.

Website | The Hook Nook

Instagram | @the.hook.nook

Twitter | @thnjessica

Jessica has a lot of great things going on. If you love what you heard, check her out!

The Hook Nook Blog | Jessica’s Blog

Etsy | Jessica’s Collection of Goodies

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