Marly Bird Journey to Spokesperson for Red Heart | The BHooked Podcast Episode 12

Marly Bird and Red Heart – Your Questions Answered!

I’ve always been a big fan of Red Heart yarn. It is a wonderful company that I have aligned myself with, yes, but I’m a fan because I love their products. It’s affordable and it’s easy to find in stores – a designer’s dream!

I have designed many projects featuring various Red Heart yarns and over the years have collected dozens of questions from you about their products, usage, substitutions… the list goes on. As always, I’m working for you to make sure you have your questions answered and to make the most out of your experience here. The Bhooked Podcast is an extension of that mission!

Today’s Guest

This week I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Marly Bird, the National Spokesperson for Red Heart Yarn! The goal was to “pick her brain” a bit about the questions I’ve collected from you over the years. I was also pleasantly surprised to end the interview with a new yarn friend. Marly is one of the nicest and passionate people I know! She loves her job and she loves her brand and that shows through in this interview. Hold onto your hats guys, we’re going for a ride!

One of my favorite quotes from Marly is this:

Buy as much yarn as you think you’ll need and then add one or two balls. I would much rather spend an extra $8 than have to scrap a $50 blanket because I didn’t have enough yarn to finish it.

These are true words of wisdom here! In addition to talking about Red Heart yarn and Marly’s journey with them, we also fire out some general tips like this that any crocheter should be reminded of!

You’ll Learn

  • About Marly and her journey from crochet student of Grandma to full time crochet designer and National Spokesperson for Red Heart Yarn.
  • What her duties are as National Spokesperson
  • Various crochet conventions around the US.
  • Marly’s favorite Red Heart Yarn and why.
  • Pick a project: what projects are perfect for different Red Heart yarn labels.
  • Where you can purchase Red Heart Yarn (for the US and those outside the US)
  • How to handle Boutique Unforgettable – care and the dreaded frogging.
  • Discontinued yarns.
  • Red Hearts three brand new products.

Now if you haven’t done so already, click on that play button at the top of the page to hear all about Red Heart Yarn!


Links in this Episode

Marly has a lot of great things going on. If you love what you heard, check her out!

@marlybird on Facebook & Twitter; @themarlybird on Instagram

Paradise Fibers to Order Red Heart Outside the US


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Special thanks to our sponsor, Red Heart Yarn for allowing me to teach you these very important concepts about reading crochet patterns.


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