Teaching Others to Crochet | The BHooked Podcast Episode 14

Teaching Others to Crochet can be so much fun!

I have been teaching others to crochet for more than four years now and I’ve yet to find something more rewarding. I get so much joy out of sharing something I’m so passionate about to others who then go on to make it their passion. It’s a beautiful circle!

Any one can teach crochet. You really don’t need a special degree or certification, you just need patience and of course, know the content you’re teaching. Now if you’re going to make it a career, requirements are a little different but for many of us teaching casually is what we prefer.

Today’s Guest

This week I am joined by National Crochet Instructor, Stacey Trock, of Fresh Stitches. Stacey has been teaching at fiber conventions around the US for several years and even once in Australia! Over the years she has developed and fine tuned her “crochet instructor skills” and is here to share the secrets with us!

One of my favorite quotes from Stacey is this:

The most important thing you must have as a crochet instructor is patience.

These are true words of wisdom here! In our interview, we take three different approaches to the topic of teaching others to crochet:

  1. Teaching others to crochet for fun
  2. Teaching others to crochet for money
  3. Taking a class – from the student’s perspective

You’ll Learn

  • Stacey and her journey from chain expert to well-known crochet instructor.
  • What skills are an absolute must-teach to a complete beginner.
  • What types of projects are best for beginners.
  • How to teach children to crochet.
  • Advantages and disadvantages to certain types of yarn for beginners.
  • How often you should conduct a “class” or teaching session.
  • What potential money can be made as a paid instructor.
  • Popular places and events to teach at.
  • Crochet instructor certifications – is it needed or not?
  • What the benefits are of taking a class.
  • The average price range and structure of a crochet class.

Now if you haven’t done so already, click on that play button at the top of the page to hear from Stacey!


Links in this Episode

Stacey has a lot of great things going on. If you love what you heard, check her out!

@Stacey_Trock on  Twitter; @staceytrock and @ami.club on Instagram


Use coupon code bhooked for a free month of Ami Club. Thank you Stacey!


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