#25 Creating a Crochet Heirloom & Caring for the Ones You Have

What special crochet heirloom do you have in your life?

I bet every single one of us has a special project that comes to mind when we hear the phrase “crochet heirloom”, whether it be something we made or something we received. For me, the act of giving a handmade item is very special. It’s how you say “thank you”, “I love you”, “your very special to me” and everything in between. It’s a powerful way to express yourself and your feelings toward the recipient.

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy from Yarn Valet at Stitches South a few years ago and we’ve stayed connected ever since. She’s one of the nicest and genuine people I know! I asked Amy to be a guest on the show and when asked, she jumped at the opportunity to talk about crochet heirlooms – how to choose a project, how to choose the yarn and how to care for your precious items. She even shares a few stories with us about some heirlooms that are in her family!

special guest

Amy from Yarn Valet

Amy is the talented maker and business owner behind Yarn Valet, a business and brand that offers creative and lightweight yarn tools. They’re perfectly organized for travel and are as beautiful as your projects.

Facebook | @yarnvalet

Twitter | @yarnvalet


Mentioned in this Episode

YarnValet Products | Shop Yarn Valet products on Amazon

Yarn Valet products are also available in some crafts stores. I’ve seen them in my local Hobby Lobby as well as Michael’s Craft Store. Check with your local store and ask if these products are available.

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