#35 How to Change the Size of a Hat Pattern

It’s easier than you might think.

One of the most commonly asked questions we get here is how to change the size of a hat pattern from, say baby sized to a size that will fit an adult. The good news is any hat pattern can be modified to fit whatever size you need, you just need to understand how that pattern comes together to make the necessary adjustments.

It’s a simple process when we break it down into easy steps and that’s what I’m going to do for you today – we’ll look at six steps to taking a hat that’s crocheted bottom-up hat (one that’s worked from band to crown) and adjusting it for the perfect fit.  Keep in mind that the steps we’ll cover here work in either direction – taking a large hat and making it smaller or taking a small hat and making it bigger.

You’ll Learn

  • Step 1: Testing your gauge
  • Step 2: Measure how many stitches per inch
  • Step 3: Measure your head circumference
  • Step 4: Find the number of stitches for your foundation or cast on
  • Step 5: Figure out your pattern repeat multiple
  • Step 6: Adjust Foundation or cast on to work with your repeat

Mentioned in this Episode

Hat Sizing Chart | Our hat sizing guide

Head Circumference Chart | The Craft Yarn Council’s hat sizing guide

Pixie Knit Hat | Pattern referenced in Example

Step 4 Equation | # sts per inch x head circumference = Foundation

Step 6 Equation | Foundation/ stitch multiple = whole number?

  • If yes, keep going with your foundation
  • If no, multiply your stitch multiple by the whole number in front of the decimal to get your foundation number of stitches.

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