Continental Knitting vs. American Knitting

continental knitting, american knitting

There is more than one way to hold your yarn and needles

I love watching other people knit. Everyone seems to have a unique way of holding the yarn. By watching people knit, I was able to develop my own comfortable grip for the yarn and needles.

Although there are many different ways to accomplish a knit stitch (or any other stitch for that matter), I’ve found a pattern to the most common styles. In this knitting basics episode, I’m going to discuss the two most common ways to hold your yarn and how to make a knit stitch in that style.

Continental Knitting vs. American Knitting


Review: American Knitting

American knitting

If you hold the yarn in your right hand and completely let go of your needle while wrapping, you knit in the American style. There is a variation of this stitch where you keep your hand on the needle while you wrap the yarn. This is called “flick knitting” and is one of the fastest ways to knit!


Review: Continental Knitting

continental knitting

If you hold the yarn in your left hand, you knit in the continental knit style. I find this to be my natural knitting style because I crochet more than I knit. When I crochet, I hold the yarn in my left hand and this is what feels more natural to me whether I’m knitting or crocheting.


Tell me what kind of knitter you are!

I’d love to know what kind of knitter you are. This information will help me provide relevant and easy to follow tutorials for you in the future. To tell me what kind of knitter you are, leave a comment below!


When I first started knitting, I did so in the American style. Once I had a good grasp of knitting, I converted to the continental knitting style for more speed and now I go back and forth between the two! I encourage you to try both knitting styles. Figure out what feels more natural and knitting will be an enjoyable experience!

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