Long Tail Cast On

 how to knit long tail cast on

The most frequently used cast on method: Long Tail Cast On

Every knitting project begins with a cast on – putting the first loops on your needle to work the first row of stitches. For my friends who crochet, the cast on is the same as a foundation chain.

There are several different cast on techniques but for today, we’re going to explore the most basic of cast on methods – the long tail cast on. The long tail cast on is my go-to cast on method for nearly every knitting project I begin. It’s simple and it’s universal. It creates a nice braided edge with some stretch.

If you’re a complete beginner knitter, the long tail cast on is where you should start.


Because every project you begin from here on out can begin with this cast on method.

In this episode of B.hooked Knitting basics, I’m going to demonstrate how to knit the long tail cast on. This video is perfect for the complete beginner or if you simply need a refresher.

Let’s Give It a Try

In this tutorial, we’re going to practice the long tail cast on. You’ll only need a few yards of yarn to practice with and a pair of knitting needles that coordinate with your yarn.

My Recommendations

  • Bernat Roving Yarn, rasberry
  • Clover Takumi, size US11 Knitting Needles

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How To Knit the Long Tail Cast On

This video is also available in a left handed version. Click here to be directed to the left handed tutorial on YouTube.


When I learned how to knit the long tail cast on, my biggest frustration was estimating the length of tail I needed for the number of stitches I needed to cast on. If you stick to my recommendations, with practice, you’ll get it!

The long tail cast on is the foundation of every project you will start as a beginner. We’ll use it a LOT here at B.hooked Knitting so make sure you give yourself plenty of practice! Watch the tutorial as many times as you need. Practice with any scrap yarn you have. Once you have this essential knitting basic down, there will be no stopping you!


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