How to Adjust Any Pattern to Fit You | The BHooked Podcast Episode 49

You can adjust a pattern and it might be easier than you think.

By far the most frequently asked question in my inbox each week is “how do I make this pattern to fit (fill in the blank)?” When I see a huge trend like this in the request of my readers, I jump at the opportunity to help as many people as I can and the Bhooked Podcast is the perfect format for me to teach you this valuable and useful lesson. Today, we’re going to explore how to adjust a pattern so you have more flexibility in your craft.

You’ll Learn

  • The obvious (and not so obvious) reasons why you need to adjust a pattern.
  • How to make a gauge swatch and its importance in the process.
  • How to use the available sizes as a reference to achieving the right size for you.
  • What calculations are involved and how to work them.
  • About the importance of stitch multiples and repeats.
  • A few tips from my own experiences.

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Simple Steps to Adjust a Pattern

  1. Make your gauge swatch.
  2. Take your measurements.
  3. Calculate difference and stitches per inch:
    1. Stitches per inch x number of inches (more or less) = number of stitches to add to foundation chain or cast on.
  4. Adjust pattern accordingly


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