Simple Knitting Bind Off

knitting bind off

There are many methods of binding off. Here is my favorite simple knitting bind off.

When you finished knitting the length of your project, you’ll need to bind off (or cast off) in order to remove it from your needles without it coming unraveled. There are many different kinds of binding off methods but they all have one thing in common – stitches are worked in each other to prevent it from coming undone. We sure don’t want that to happen!

In this episode of B.hooked Knitting basics, I’m going to demonstrate how to knit a very simple knitting bind off. This video is perfect for the complete beginner or if you simply need a refresher.


Let’s Give It a Try

In this tutorial, we’re going to practice a simple knitting bind off. You’ll only need a few yards of yarn to practice with and a pair of knitting needles that coordinate with your yarn. Knit a few rows so you can practice binding off.

My Recommendations

  • Bernat Satin, Soft Fern
  • Clover Takumi, size US9 Knitting Needles

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How to Knit a Simple Knitting Bind Off

This video is also available in a left handed version. Click here to be directed to the left handed tutorial on YouTube.

You may find these additional resources helpful:


My best piece of advice if this is brand new to you is to practice as much as possible. It’s never going to feel completely natural passing a loop over another but you will get more efficient at it the more you do it.

Like the long tail cast is the foundation of every project, the bind off is the finishing touch. You will likely use this technique to finish hundreds of projects so don’t worry if you aren’t great at it yet. You will improve with time and practice.

Bye for now!

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