Knit Stockinette Stitch

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Project Ideas

Blankets, Clothing

The knit stockinette stitch is the “classic” knit stitch that’s recognized by even those who don’t knit. It creates fabric with a nice drape making it a great choice for sweaters and other wearables. But you’re not limited there! This is a great stitch for just about anything.

knit stockinette stitch
getting started

Suggested Supplies

The stockinette stitch, next to the garter stitch, is one of the most versatile stitches there is. Pair it with a smooth yarn of any weight for that traditional knit look or use a lightly textured yarn for even more visual interest.

Supplies used in demonstration video:

  • Bernat Roving Yarn
  • US 11 Knitting Needles
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors

  • CO Cast On
  • K Knit
  • P Purl
  • St(s) Stitch(es)

Additional Notes: You’ll notice in the tutorial there is a garter stitch border around the swatch I’m making. The stockinette stitch has a tendency to curl and this border helps reduce the curl. If you want to work a border around your swatch or project, work the garter stitch a few rows initially. Then, after you start the stockinette stitch pattern, knit the first few and last few stitches (even if you’re on a purl row).

Cast on any number of sts

Row 1: K every st.

Row 2: P every st.

Repeat: Rep last row until your project measures the length you want.

Bind Off

Work a standard knitting bind off.

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