How to K2Tog – Knit Two Together Decrease


What is K2tog?

K2tog stands for  “knit two together” and it is a standard decrease used in knitting patterns.

When you make a k2tog, you effectively decrease your stitch count by one.

The k2tog decrease is one of those techniques you will need to know if you plan to work a project that requires shaping. This include projects such as hats and clothing. I’ve come across this stitch in crochet patterns many times – so much that I’ve added it to my list of “must knows” for beginners. The good news? It’s incredibly easy to knit.


Let’s Give It a Try

In this tutorial, we’re going to practice a K2tog – knit two together – decrease. You’ll only need a few yards of yarn to practice with and a pair of knitting needles that coordinate with your yarn. Knit a few rows so you can practice the K2tog.

My Recommendations

  • Lion Brand Heartland Yarn
  • Clover Takumi, size US 8 Knitting Needles

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How to K2tog (Knit Two Together) with Brittany

This tutorial is available in a left handed version. Click below to be directed to the left handed demonstration on my YouTube channel.

How to Knit Two Together (K2tog) Decrease Left Handed with Brittany


This is one of those techniques you will need to master. As I mentioned in the video, if you’re a continental knitter you may struggle a bit with this one. My best piece of advice is to practice as much as possible and maybe even train yourself to work the k2tog in the American knitting style like I have.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

Bye for now!

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