Knitting Needle Sizes – US and Metric Conversion Chart

knitting needle conversion

Knitting Needle Sizes…Why so many options?

Knitting is a hobby that is enjoyed by millions around the world, many of which have a region-specific standard for measurements. This is true for many forms of measurements, not just knitting needle sizes.

The Craft Yarn Council governs the industry standards for knitting as well as crochet. It is made up of yarn and notion manufacturers who have agreed to adhere to a certain standard to keep information consistent and obtainable for consumers like you and me. The council’s needle manufacturers have agreed to make metric (mm) and U.S. (numbers) sizing apparent on every needle that is manufactured.

If you’re like me, you have a hard time remembering the conversion from U.S. knitting needle sizing to metric knitting needle sizing. You will see both forms on patterns – it’s usually based on what region the designer lives.

I’ve always leaned more toward metric measurements (perhaps it’s my strong science background) but I’ve made a real effort to use U.S. sizing on my patterns. I am, after all, a proud citizen. All that aside, the U.S. standard of knitting needle sizing seems to be more prominent.


Knitting Needle Sizes Conversion Charts

I’ve prepared not one but two knitting needle sizing charts – one for you to pin and save online somewhere and another for you to download and print. A hard copy always comes in handy.

knitting needle sizes

Knitting Needle Sizes Conversion Chart – U.S. & Metric Download

If you haven’t done so already, pin the chart you see above and click the link below it to download and print your PDF copy of the conversion chart.


No matter how many times I see knitting needle sizes in patterns and on my needles, I can never seem to remember all of the conversions. There’s no need to really. My hope with this quick post is to get straight to the point and answer one very popular question – “okay, great. What is that in metric sizing?”

As always, I’m here for you so if you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I dedicate a couple of hours each day just to answering your questions and troubleshooting with you because I sincerely want to see you succeed.


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