How to M1R and M1L Knitting Increases

M1R = Make 1 Right
M1L = Make 1 Left

As you learn and improve your knitting skills, eventually you will need to increase your stitch count. There are several different ways to make knitting increases and these are the two most basic.

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What is M1R and M1L in Knitting?

Make one stitches in knitting are increasing stitches that have a “lean” to them. Therefore, the M1R leans to the right and the M1L leans to the left.

As a new knitter, understanding the lean is less important. However, as you improve your skills and venture into improvising your own projects without a pattern, understanding the lean is a little more important.

Take a look at the image above and visualize a straight line down the middle. The stitches to the left of that middle line are leaning to the left while the stitches to the right of the middle line are leaning to the right.

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When to Use the M1R and M1L Knitting Increases

The M1R and M1L knitting increases are used in various types of patterns for shaping. Think shawls of different shapes and sizes, the thumb gusset for a pair of mittens or fitted sleeves in a sweater.

In your pattern you will see them abbreviated as “M1L” for make 1 left, an increase that leans to the left and “M1R” for make 1 right, an increase that leans to the right.

For every make 1 stitch you knit, you increase your stitch count by one.

As you learn how to knit and improve your skills, the M1R and M1L knitting increases are essential skills to learn because you will encounter them in many patterns, including some patterns here at B.Hooked.

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How to M1R in Knitting

How to M1L in Knitting

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