KnitCrate Unboxing and Review

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Knitcrate is a treat that’s just for you.

As designers, we can all relate to the passion of creating something from nothing but hands, hooks and yarn; it fuels our motivation and allows us to express ourselves through this wonderful medium. But let me ask you this (and be completely honest), when was the last time you made something that was just for you?

It wasn’t until I received my first KnitCrate that I understood the importance of “me time”.

Maybe you aren’t a designer. Perhaps you are a fiber lover at heart and you love to create something beautiful with a special hank of yarn. But sometimes you feel exhausted and uninspired after trying to find the perfect pattern to match that perfect hank of yarn.

No matter if you are a designer or if you crochet for fun, I have found something that you MUST try!

KnitCrate is the solution to a problem I didn’t know I had.

I became a designer for many reasons but the one I’m sure many of us can relate to is this – deciding on one pattern is hard. Have you suffered from analysis paralysis? I know I have. Ravelry and Pinterest are amazing resources but sometimes the sheer volume of patterns is overwhelming, especially when I know I need to decide on just one.

So, when I couldn’t find the perfect pattern, I made one and a designer was born.

I find so much joy in the designing process, however, over the years have lost touch with how much joy comes from the mindful practice of following a pattern that someone else has written. Was it possible I overlooked this detail for so many years?


But honestly, this was a problem I didn’t know I had until I received my first KnitCrate.

What is KnitCrate and how did it solve this problem?

Sometimes you have to experience the solution before you can connect the dots and realize you had a problem in the first place. For me, the problem was that I had lost touch with the feeling of calm, relaxation and joy of just crocheting. KnitCrate provides you with two hanks of hand dyed yarn (in a surprise colorway) along with a knit and crochet pattern. This gives me the all important “me time” I need and saves me time searching for the perfect pattern.

This was my first experience with KnitCrate – February’s “Petrichor” theme and I captured that initial moment on video. Have a look at that moment and then hear my thoughts and experience with my first crate.

As you heard, this KnitCrate experience was such a pleasant surprise. The patterns included were a surprise. Knowing what to expect was a surprise. Even down to the yarn color – that was a surprise too!

This was such a fun experience!

But the real surprise came just the other day. I was pinged of a new email from KnitCrate – my March crate was on the way!

Shipment was fast. I received the crate only two days after I received that email. Good thing too – I couldn’t wait to see what this month’s crate had in store.

This feeling made me realize that I need this kind of joy in my life; something to look forward to every month, that’s somewhat of a surprise but I know I’ll enjoy.

What to expect when you get your KnitCrate

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the video, definitely put it on your watch list. You’ll see an overview of everything that was included in the February KnitCrate. They follow a similar pattern and this will give you an idea of what to expect each month with your membership.

Amazing Yarn.

You can expect at least two hanks of premium hand-dyed yarn in your KnitCrate. Each month, a theme is selected and the yarn is the “tangible theme in action”. Take March’s crate for example – the theme is “Sugar Sugar” and the yarn is fruity, candy-colored tones with speckled details and hints of shimmer. The yarn is honestly my favorite part about the crate. Not knowing which of the unique colorways I’ll receive is such an exciting rush when I open the crate for the first time.

Great Patterns.

With your KnitCrate membership you can expect two patterns with each crate, a knit pattern and a crochet pattern. I have had the pleasure of working up the crochet pattern from February’s crate and I can say with confidence that these are well-written patterns that have been tested and have the user in mind. The hardest part is choosing whether to use the yarn for the knit or crochet project!

Bonus Codes.

With your crate you’ll also receive some fun extras like bonus codes to the featured designer’s Ravelry shops, discounts on items in the member central section of their website and points to earn towards future crates and other products.

What’s Inside?

When you get your crate, you’ll find a pattern card, yarn and crate detail card. On the crate detail card you can read about the theme, yarn fiber and colorways as well as find the link to download each of the two patterns included in your crate.

I loved this method of delivery – print out and physical copies of patterns aren’t my jam. I love to organize my patterns on my devices so I always have them when I need them. Ravelry users, they have you in mind too! You can download each of the patterns directly to your Ravelry profile.


What does a membership cost?

The KnitCrate membership is an incredible value. When was the last time you purchased two hanks of premium, hand-dyed yarn at your local yarn ship for under $25? I honestly can’t think of any.

When you sign up for your KnitCrate membership, you’ll pay $24.99 on the first of every month and receive your crate (with all of the goodies described above) by the 15th. This is a rolling membership but you can cancel at any time if you wish to discontinue.

I recommend trying it for at least two months. This was the perfect amount of time for me to receive the first one, experience the relaxation of following and completing a pattern and then experience the (totally surprising) excitement and anticipation for that second crate.

I’m all about saving some money, so I organized a discount just for you! When you’re ready to get your first KnitCrate, you’ll save 20% off your first one when you use this link and enter code BHOOKED20 at checkout!

Full disclosure, that is an affiliate link which means I’ll get a very small commission if you click it and order your crate. However, this commission is not the intent of this review. I’m always grateful to earn money to support my family but this is never my motivation. I am motivated to share a resource with you that I feel could solve a problem for you and I only align myself with brands I know, like and trust. You can also expect that every product I recommend to you is a product that I myself own and use on a regular basis.

Other Monthly Crates.

The KnitCrate monthly membership is not the only option. The Artisan Crate also includes two patterns, both knit – one beginner and one intermediate/advanced and hand-dyed yarn. The Sock Crate is perfect for you sock knitters out there and the Knitologie Sock Yarn Club is great if you just love to pair gorgeous yarn with your favorite staple sock pattern.


I’m happy to answer your questions.

I’m a real KnitCrate member. I happily receive a crate every month and schedule time that is just for me to create the beautiful pattern within. Because I have experience with this crate and I have a relationship with the brand, I’m happy to help decide whether a KnitCrate membership is right for you.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below with any question you may have or send me a personal email – [email protected]

I mean it when I say how much joy this membership brings me every month and I’ll help you through the decision to get one that is just for you too.


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