Knit Pixie Hat

The cutest little knit pixie hat for your kiddos.

Skill Level | Easy
Available Sizes | Baby, Toddler, Child, Tween

When you have some spare time on your hands, this quick knit pixie hat is a great way to create something adorable and functional.

If you’re looking for a fun little knitting project, you’re in the right place! The knit pixie hat is just slightly different from the usual knit hat in all the right ways.

With this project you’ll learn how to create a garter stitch band, different than the usual ribbed band seen in hats. However, the star of this project is the pixie point at the top, a look that’s achieved by alternating decreasing and non-decreasing rounds.

Before you begin, review this page entirely so you understand the full scope of the project. We prepared a list of recommended supplies and abbreviations you’ll need to get started as well as written instructions to complete the knit pixie hat from start to finish.

getting started

Recommended Supplies

  • 1 skein; Red Heart Evermore Yarn (colorway pictured: Autumn)
  • Baby 43 yds/ 39 m
  • Toddler 60 yds/ 55 m
  • Child 73 yds/ 67 m
  • Tween 88 yds/ 80 m
  • US 10 Circular Knitting Needles, 16″
  • US 10 Double Point Needles
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors

FAQ: Do I have to use double point needles?
Yes, you will need double point needles to knit the crown of most knit hats, including this one. You can, however, skip the circular needles and knit the entire thing on double point needles if you’re comfortable doing so.

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  • CO Cast On
  • K Knit
  • P Purl
  • K2tog Knit 2 Together
  • Rep Repeat
  • Sts Stitches
Knit Pixie Hat
Finished Size
  • Baby | 13″ circumference; 7″ length
  • Toddler | 15″ circumference; 8″ length
  • Child | 17″ circumference; 8.5″ length
  • Tween | 18.5″ circumference; 9″ length

14 sts x 23.5 rows = 4″
(Stockinette stitch)

This knit pixie hat is a redesign from our original pattern. This redesign fulfilled requests for additional sizes and includes a change of yarn after the original was discontinued.

Additional Notes: Instructions for sizes are given as follows:

Baby (Toddler, Child, Tween)

Switch to double point needles when stitches no longer fit on circular needles.

Need to Print this Pattern?

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Round 1: CO 42(49, 56, 63). K all sts.

Round 2: P all sts.

Round 3: K all sts.

Repeat: Rep rounds 2-3, 2(2, 2, 3) more times.


Next Round: K all sts.

Repeat: Rep last round 11 (16, 18, 19) more times.


Round 1: *K5. K2tog. Rep from * to end of round. {36 (42, 48, 54) sts}

Round 2: K all sts. {36 (42, 48, 54) sts}

Round 3: *K4. K2tog. Rep from * to end of round. {30 (35, 40, 45) sts}

Round 4: K all sts. {30 (35, 40, 45) sts}

Round 5: *K3. K2tog. Rep from * to end of round. {24 (28, 32, 36) sts}

Round 6: K all sts. {24 (28, 32, 36) sts}

Round 7: *K2. K2tog. Rep from * to end of round. {18 (21, 24, 27) sts}

Round 8: K all sts. {18 (21, 24, 27) sts}

Round 9: K all sts. {18 (21, 24, 27) sts}

Round 10: *K1. K2tog. Rep from * to end of round. {12 (14, 16, 18) sts}

Round 11: K all sts. {12 (14, 16, 18) sts}

Round 12: K all sts. {12 (14, 16, 18) sts}

Round 13: *K2tog. Rep from * to end of round. {6 (7, 8, 9) sts}

Round 14: K all sts. {6 (7, 8, 9) sts}

Repeat: Rep last round 2 (3, 4, 5) more times.


Trim working yarn leaving a 8″ tail. With yarn needle, work the tail through each stitch, sliding it off after the tail is through it. Pull tight and run the tail around the opening to close it up. Weave in the end.

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