#61 Dealing with Stress and Juggling Deadlines

Do you overbook yourself with deadlines?

You’re not alone! As makers we need to find the balance between what we think we can handle and what we actually can handle. It’s best to take an educated approach to figure this out. That’s what this episode is all about!

Today’s Guest

I’m joined by, Tara, from the Explore Your Enthusiasm Podcast and we chat all about the different stresses we face as hobbyists, entrepreneurs and bloggers and the ways we deal with them to stay productive and happy.

special guest

Tara Swiger

Long time knitter and yarn lover, Tara now works with makers and business owners to create sustainable, loveable businesses. She does that through her books, podcast, online classes and in-person workshops.

Website | taraswiger.com

Instagram | @taraswiger

Twitter | @TaraSwiger

Have something great to share?

I’m always looking for knowledgeable and inspirational people in the crochet and knitting community to chat with on the show!

About the Show

On the show, Brittany aims to inspire you and help you grow in your craft. Through her own stories and the stories of each special guest, you’ll discover tips and tricks to improve your crochet and knitting skills and find inspiration to make something that makes you happy.

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