Learn How to Make the Caron Summer Ripple Afghan by Yarnspirations

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summer ripple afghan

Grab a yarn buddy and make a Summer Ripple Afghan!

The Summer Ripple Afghan by Yarnspirations really draws you in. Aren’t ripples just gorgeous? Ripples are a wonderful way to incorporate modern style with traditional roots in your home. The flow of the design, for me, invites a comforting rhythm – representing the ebbs and flows that make up our lives. What’s more thrilling than creating a statement piece that has internal meaning as well?

summer ripple afghan

The first thing you’ll need to do to get started with this beauty is choose your color palette. I personally love the red, white and blue theme here but I encourage you to find the three colors you are most drawn to.

My favorite thing about Caron Simply Soft is it comes in a wide variety of colors so you can get really creative here! If you find yourself overwhelmed with the options, draw three colors from the room you will have your afghan in.

I’ll keep my Summer Ripple Afghan over the back of the couch in our living room. The walls are painted a light blue so that was my guiding color. Light Country Blue matched perfectly. From there, I decided to stay with the calming qualities of blue but wanted a little contrast. Dark Country Blue was perfect! The pattern calls for three colors so I had to decide on the third and final color.

When planning a summer project, incorporating colors that I associate with the season generally guides my decision. Gold really caught my eye and reminded me of sunshine but I was also drawn to off white tweed. I left it up to my wonderful Instagram community to help me decide!

summer ripple afghan colors

I’m so glad they chose the off white tweed. There’s such a subtle beauty about it!

Let’s do this together.

Crocheting an afghan is an exciting thing. Crocheting an afghan with a friend is even better! I had to get a jump start on my Summer Ripple Afghan in order to prepare a video tutorial for you but I’m right here working along side you.

summer ripple afghan

By the way, if you’d like to watch the video tutorial, you can find it on Yarnspirations YouTube channel here! I worked with them to bring you a step-by-step demonstration of the stitch pattern and how to change to a new color – everything you need to work through this pattern!

Let’s use this page as a way to motivate one another through this project! If at any point you have questions, just leave them in the comment section and I’ll be right here to reply. 

I’ll update the “What I’ve Learned” section below as I work through the pattern to help you avoid any potential hiccups so you’ll want to check back often.

Also, as a way to share our afghans and progress with one another, let’s use the hashtag #summerripple on Instagram!


What I’ve Learned

  • Counting is very important. This stitch pattern is pretty straight forward but it’s really easy to get off track. Be sure to make it a habit to count through the stitch repeat for the first several rows to commit the stitch pattern to memory and avoid frogging.
  • Check your current row a few times as you go. It’s easy to get in a rhythm and forget part of the repeat. Particularly the two groups of 5 double crochet – there was more than one instance where I realized on the next row that I only had one group of five. Whoops! There’s no good way to hide that little goof so off to frogtown I went!


I’m here for you!

Don’t forget that I’m working through this project right along with you and I’m bursting at the seams to make sure your efforts are a success! Use this page as a reference for what I’ve learned (so you can avoid my mistakes) and as a place to ask questions and connect with myself and others who are working on the Summer Ripple Afghan by Yarnspirations.

Also, don’t forget to share your progress photos with me on Instagram! Be sure to use #summerripple so I can see!


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