Yarn is Your Art Medium | The BHooked Podcast Episode 64

Have you ever considered yarn as an artistic medium?

For many of us the yarn will guide the project, meaning only after we see and feel the yarn do we know what to make with it. For some though, the entire concept revolves around a yarn base (a blend of fibers) that inspires color, texture and eventually a project.

This is the approach taken by the team at KnitCrate when then plan for their monthly subscription crate.

Today’s Guest

I’m joined by, Rob and Hannah, from KnitCrate and let me just say – I learned so much from them! Rob is incredibly passionate about business and he speaks about how business is his artistic medium. Extremely interesting for a passionate entrepreneur! Hannah, tells us all a bit about fashion forecasting and the process that goes into planning the crates months in advance. Perfectly relatable to bloggers and shop owners who plan a seasonal catalog of items.

You’ll Learn

  • About Rob and Hannah and their roles with KnitCrate
  • What goes into planning each crate
  • How you can use fashion forecasting to predict trends
  • Why you shouldn’t draw inspiration from the knit and crochet community for products
  • Crate options at KnitCrate and who they’re good for
  • A special note from Hannah about natural fibers and why they’re so special to work with.

Now if you haven’t done so already, click on that play button at the top of the page to hear from Rob and Hannah!


Links & Resources

Find KnitCrate on Instagram, Facebook and Ravelry @KnitCrate

The link to Hannah’s book is an affiliate link through Amazon and if you purchase after clicking this link, at no additional cost to you, I’ll receive a small commission. I appreciate your support!

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