Bernat Crochet Baby Cocoon as a Frog!

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crochet cocoon

You can turn the Bernat Crochet Baby Cocoon into a little frog!

I’ll be honest – I had no idea I was going to turn this cocoon into a frog cocoon when I originally saw it in Yarnspirations May Lookbook, Mindful Making, an entire collection of patterns to de-stress your mind with meditative projects. Through this experience I learned that meditative projects aren’t just those that clear your mind but those that bring you to a state of happiness. For me, that’s creativity.

I began this creative and meditative journey with the Bernat Crochet Baby Cocoon with left over Bernat Baby Blanket yarn leftover from a chevron blanket and unicorn set I made for my niece in March. I’ve been really drawn to greens lately (must be the weather!) and the colorway “lemon lime” felt like the perfect color for this snuggly crochet cocoon.

bernat baby blanket yarn

I’m not shy about my love for Bernat Blanket and Bernat Baby Blanket yarn. It’s just the right amount of squish and cozy for any project I throw at it. I particularly find it great for this cocoon because the drape is stiff enough (paired with a smaller hook) for a cozy cocoon that isn’t too hot and heavy for the warmer months coming our way. With so many different color options, can you imagine the number of little critters you could turn this cocoon into? Use Baby Sand and you have a bear or a dog, white and you have a polar bear. You can even use the regular Bernat Blanket line  – Use Dark Gray and you have an elephant! All you’ll need to do is get creative with the ears and face. It’s a perfect way to be creative. Especially if you’re like me and feel the meditative benefits most when you’re expressing your creative side.

Let’s get making!

crochet cocoon

The Bernat Crochet Baby Cocoon is a free pattern from the talented folks at Yarnspirations and as you can see, is perfectly versatile when paired with your favorite color way of Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn. I know you’re itching to get started so be sure to download the free pattern ASAP.

Now here comes the fun part – choosing your color! I initially chose lemon lime because I was drawn to it not because I knew I wanted to make a frog. You can take this approach or just browse the different colorway options and see what animal you can associate with each color! When you’re ready, order two of the 10.5 oz balls of Bernat Baby Blanket yarn.

crochet cocoon

When you have the yarn and hook in hand and you’re ready to start crocheting, have a look at this video tutorial. I worked with Yarnspirations to create a video tutorial just for you! Here we’ll work through everything together from the increases to the stitch pattern and hood. I even give you pointers to help you follow along with the written pattern if this is a skill you’re developing!

If you’re making a different animal, it will come to life after the cocoon is finished. I challenge you to put your skills to the test to crochet ears of various shapes and sizes! A frog is a great place to start though – I love how the opening of the cocoon makes a seriously happy frog face!

Crochet Frog Eyes

crochet frog eyes

After you have finished crocheting your Bernat Crochet Baby Cocoon following my instructions on the tutorial, we’re ready to add the eyes. You’ll need a few additional supplies for this. I used vanilla for the whites of the eyes and baby teal for the color. One small ball of each will do the trick! You’ll also need a few handfuls of Polyfil stuffing.

The eyes are worked in three different pieces:

  • Whites
  • Eye “lids”
  • Iris

crochet frog eyes

Let’s start with the whites of the eyes. Grab your vanilla or white Bernat Baby Blanket yarn and follow these steps.

  1. Create a magic ring with 6 single crochet stitches. Don’t join with a slip stitch after you draw up the ring. We’ll work in a spiral so be sure to mark your next stitch with a stitch marker.
  2. Make two single crochets in every stitch. You’ll have 12 stitches at the end of this round. Be sure to carry your stitch marker to mark the first stitch of each round.
  3. We’ll increase again on the third round. Make one single crochet in the first stitch followed by two single crochets in the next. Now just repeat that all the way around. You’ll have a total of 18 stitches at the end of this round.
  4. Make one single crochet in every stitch for one round.
  5. Now we’ll start decreasing. To do so, work a single crochet in the first stitch followed by a single crochet two together (sc2tog). Now single crochet in the next and sc2tog all the way around. You’ll have a total of 12 stitches after this round. Go ahead and stuff the eye before moving on to the next round.
  6. On the last round we’ll decrease again. Sc2tog all the way around. You’ll have 6 stitches at the end of this round. Now fasten off and close up the hole with a darning needle.
  7. Repeat this one more time!

Now for the green “eyelids”, grab your lemon lime yarn and follow these steps.

  1. Create a magic ring with 8 half double crochet stitches. Like before, we’ll crochet in a spiral so don’t join at the end of this round. Use a stitch marker again to mark your first stitch of the next round.
  2. Make two half double crochet stitches in each stitch. This will increase your stitch count to 16.
  3. Make one half double crochet stitches in each stitch for the final round. When you get to the last stitch, make two half double crochets. Your stitch count will be 18. Fasten off leaving yourself a nice long tail, then use that tail and a darning needle to sew it to the white ball.
  4. Repeat this one more time!

crochet frog eyes

Last but not least, the iris of the eye. Grab your baby teal yarn and follow these steps.

  1. Create a magic ring with 6 single crochet stitches. Join with a slip stitch to the first single crochet and fasten off. Use the tail to sew it in place on the eye.
  2. Use a scrap piece of white yarn to add the little highlight.

crochet frog eyes

Next we need to sew the eyes together and onto the cocoon.

  1. Use one of the lemon lime tails to sew the two eyes together. I sewed along the inner edge and along the bottom.
  2. Use the last lemon lime tail to sew the eyes onto the hood of the cocoon. I just eye-balled it (pun intended!) to find the middle and stitched it in place with my darning needle until I knew it was nice and secure.

crochet frog eyes

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little twist on Yarnspirations amazing Bernat Crochet Baby Cocoon pattern and you’re able to exercise your creativity a bit to create even more animals! Be sure to share your cocoons with me on Instagram! Use #bhooked so I can see.

Lastly, if you have any questions at all I’d love to help! Just leave a comment below and I’ll do everything I can to help you out!


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