Annie’s Hook & Needle Kit Club Review

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Annies hook and needle kit club

Have you ever just wanted to start a project and skip the part where you have to decide on the pattern?

I know I’m not alone in this, right?!

Let’s be honest, some of us are fueled by “the search” while some of us are stressed by it. I find myself somewhere in between in most cases but the time I truly need crochet to be the stress relief in my life, I’ll admit, deciding on the pattern to spend the next 20 hours or so of my life on, well, that’s only adding to the stress.

I’ve mentioned before about how being a member of a monthly project subscription solved this problem for me, so when I heard about Annie’s Hook & Needle Kit Club I just had to share it with you. It’s a little bit different than your traditional monthly project. Rather than every member receiving the same project centered around a theme, you’ll receive a project at random. How exciting!

If you find a few moments today, I’d love for you to have a look at my review video. I made it a goal in 2018 to shake up my typical video routine and bring you a better (more entertaining) viewing experience. I’m having a blast with the format and editing process!

Annie’s Hook & Needle Kit Club Review with Brittany


First things first, let’s get an idea of what you’ll get each month.

Annie’s Hook & Needle Kit Club: What’s Inside

Within your monthly kit from Annie’s Hook & Needle Club, you’ll receive two complete sets of instructions for one project: a crochet version and knit version, and all of the yarn to complete one full project.

Each project will vary from beginner to advanced beginner level. I love this about the Hook & Needle Kit Club as it’s beneficial for all of us, no matter what our skill level is! Allow me to explain.

Great for beginners: It goes without saying the Hook & Needle Kit Club is perfect for a beginner because each project has been graded and approved for a beginner knitter or crocheter. However, what may be less obvious is the kit club’s ability to develop your skills as a beginner. Challenging yourself to follow a pattern is the single best thing you can do to improve your craft and the Hook & Needle Kit Club allows you to do that month after month. Win win!

Great for other skill levels: This is perhaps the less obvious. Why would someone who’s been crocheting for years want to make a beginner-level pattern every month? Well my friends, let’s take it back to the meditative and therapeutic properties of knitting and crochet. When you need to relax and soak up the benefits of each stitch, challenging yourself to the max isn’t helping the situation. We sometimes call a simple project “mindless crochet” or “mindless knitting” but I like to call it “mindful crochet and knitting” as a result of chatting with Sandra on episode 59 of the Bhooked Podcast, Mindfulness and Mental Health Benefits of Crochet.

Annie’s sent me the first three kits to test and try for this review. You know how much I love long sweeping color transitions with roving yarn. Naturally, the Sedona Shawl drew me in first!

annies hook and needle kit club

Sedona Shawl

This project is my favorite of the first three, mainly because the yarn makes my heart skip a beat! Putting that little obsession aside, the project itself is magnificent. Before I had one of these kits in hand, I figured the knit version and crochet version would be similar. I didn’t realize that they would be nearly identical! As a designer, I can really appreciate this level of creativity from the designer’s at Annie’s. It’s not always easy to duplicate a project for different crafts. They really got it right!

annies hook and needle kit club

Learn a Stitch Dischcloths

The concept of this project is incredible! As a beginner, it will give you the opportunity to learn three new stitches. As any other level, it will give you the opportunity to practice some familiar favorites while creating something useful in the process. The designers hit it out of the park with the knit and crochet versions. Again, they look very similar. Now, I have to nerd out a little bit for this yarn – the tonal effect is amazing! With sections of light and dark (within the same color family), tonal yarns bring a beautiful texture to your project.

annies hook and needle kit club

Nesting Stash Baskets

Another delightful project! The yarn caught my attention most here; it’s a wool/acrylic blend but you’d only know that after looking at the label. It’s incredibly soft and smooth, perfect for great stitch definition. Like the previous two kits, the knit and crochet versions are nearly identical. I’m seeing  a theme here! The best part – each basket uses one skein of yarn and you receive three in your kit. This is one of the kits where you can knit and crochet!

I’m perpetually on a quest to show you new and exciting things in the world of fiber arts. Although I am not a current member of Annie’s Hook & Needle Kit Club, I’m perfectly comfortable recommending it to you based on these three kits. Here’s why:

  1. They provide a beginner a continued way to practice their craft.
  2. They provide more experienced knitters and crocheters a way to hone in on the healing properties of knit and crochet.
  3. Each pattern has been tested and professionally written – again, great for beginners.
  4. The knit version and crochet versions are nearly identical. This speaks to the design quality!
  5. They are portable projects and likely to be finished before your next kit arrives.
  6. They allow you to experience new yarns you may not have tried before.
  7. They eliminate the need to endlessly search for your next project.
  8. They come right to your door so you don’t have to go out and shop for yarn.

I could go on really but I think you get the point. If you’re in the market for a service that solves even one of the problems listed above, well, I think you’ll find it is worth it to join Annie’s Hook & Needle Kit Club.


How to Join

annies hook and needle kit club

To join Annie’s Hook & Needle Kit Club, you only need to sign up here. You’ll be asked to pay $9.99 (50% off) for your first kit plus shipping and handling. You’ll receive your first kit and a free gift, the Knitting and Crochet Stitch Guide.

After your first initial month, you’ll be charged $19.99 each month plus shipping and handling and receive a new kit. This is a tad higher than other monthly subscription services I’ve been apart of, however, the quality of the pattern and the fact that the knit and crochet versions are nearly identical make it feel worth it.

Annie’s also offers a satisfaction guarantee as well so if you’re ever disappointed in your kit, you can return it within 21 days of receiving it and you’ll owe nothing. I appreciate services like that because it tells me how much they care about their customer, you, and that’s a big deal to me.

If you haven’t done so already, I would love for you to watch the video that complements this review. You’ll get to see each of the first three kits up close and hear my immediate feedback as I opened them on camera for the first time.

I really appreciate the opportunity to share Annie’s Hook & Needle Kit Club with you, so thank you so much for your time and attention today! If you’d like to join the club, simply sign up here.

If you have any questions whatsoever, I’m here for you! Please don’t hesitate to ask your question in the comment section or send me an email – [email protected]


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