How I Plan the Upcoming Year (and turned my dreams into my reality)

plan the upcoming year

What do you do to plan for the upcoming year?

Do you sit down and set goals for yourself or do you just wing it? I take planning very seriously and I’m sure this is the reason I am where I am today – not because I’m lucky, because I sat down one day and decided what I wanted to accomplish. I could read Jim Rohn quotes all day (and you’ll even hear one in the episode today) but this one really struck a chord with me today. “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” That is the topic of our discussion today – Setting goals and accomplishing them. Let’s do this!

You’ll Learn

  • Six steps to plan for your most productive year ever.
  • The important prerequisite to all of this

This photo was taken at the Our Maker Life event in Chicago July 2018 at the end of my (first!) keynote presentation. This experience was amazing! I had the honor and pleasure to stand up in front of a crowd of over 100 makers sharing this exact message. Talk about exhilarating!

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plan upcoming year

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