Tips for Choosing the Best Yarn for Cold Weather Projects | The BHooked Podcast Episode 80

Do you struggle choosing the right yarn for your fall projects?

You’re not alone! Honestly, it wasn’t until I started learning the hard way that particular yarns are more appropriate for some projects over others. If you’ve ever had a saggy sweater or fuzzy pair of mits, you may have found a yarn that isn’t right for that project.

Rather than learn the hard way, let’s take an educated approach to choosing the right yarn for our fall projects. That way we can save ourselves time, effort and money!

Today’s Guest

I’m joined by Kersti and Taiu from Koigu Yarns, a family owned business for three generations. They start off sharing the story of the family business and then we dive into common fall projects and the yarns that ideal for each. Along the way you’ll find many golden nuggets about things such as dying yarn and planning a color palette!

You’ll Learn

  • The Koigu story
  • What goes into the production of their yarn
  • What is required to dye wool
  • Fall projects such as socks, sweaters, hats and scarves and the type of yarn that’s great for each
  • What Koigu has going on this fall

Now if you haven’t done so already, click on that play button at the top of the page to hear from Kersti and Taiu!


Links & Resources

Find Koigu on Instagram @koigu1


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