Etsy Shop Tips for Knitters and Crocheters | The BHooked Podcast Episode 82

Are you looking for ways to improve your Etsy shop or just any Etsy shop tips?

If so, this is the podcast episode for you! “Winning” at Etsy can be a challenging game but with a little research, preparation and a bit of luck, your shop can be everything you need it to be. It doesn’t matter if that’s a full-time gig or a part-time way to earn a little extra cash for family. You won’t want to miss these Etsy Shop tips!

Today’s Guest

I’m joined today by Destiny from Knifty Knittings, successful Etsy shop owner and kind-hearted knitter of more than a decade! Destiny has learned a lot over the last several years about what it takes to have a profitable Etsy shop and she selflessly shares her experiences with us today.

You’ll Learn

  • About Destiny’s startup story and how it wasn’t always a success.
  • Why Etsy is such a great platform for makers to sell on.
  • How to open an Etsy shop – for beginners!
  • How to properly use titles, descriptions and tags to get noticed by the Etsy algorithm.
  • How photography can make or break your shop.
  • The importance of branding in your shop strategy.

Now if you haven’t done so already, click on that play button at the top of the page to hear from Destiny!


Red Heart Yarns Loop-it!

Loop-it yarn is a brand new type of yarn that doesn’t require hooks or needles! You can create gorgeous projects with only your fingers. I’m thinking this is a great after school projects for your kiddos and even a great change of pace to break up the repetitive motions of knitting and crochet.

Check out Loop-it Yarn by Red Heart at your local Michael’s store. You can order directly on their website or from!


Links & Resources

Find Destiny on Instagram @KniftyKnittings


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