#88 Corner to Corner Crochet

Are you ready to take your crochet up a notch?

Corner to corner crochet (C2C) can help you do just that. With little to no difficulty you can use C2C and a color changing yarn to create unique color patterns or a gradient-like appearance. With moderate difficulty, patience and a diagram you can quite literally crochet a piece of art. It’s one of the most versatile techniques I have ever come across in both style and difficulty.

Today’s Guest

Today on the show I’m joined once again by Jess from Make and Do Crew. She is a wealth of knowledge on the topic of corner to corner crochet because, well, she wrote a book on it! Jess has designed countless corner to corner projects and learned a ton along the way. She’s here to share some of that wisdom with us today!

special guest

Jess Coppom

Jess is the creative wonder woman behind everything you see at Make and Do Crew. She shares crochet & knitting patterns for modern makers while focusing on modern, easy-to-make (but doesn’t look like it) projects.

Website | makeanddocrew.com

Instagram | @makeanddocrew

Twitter | @MakeAndDoCrew


Mentioned in this Episode

Corner to Corner Crochet: 15 Contemporary C2C Projects by Jess Coppom | Buy it on Amazon

Free Range Kimono Pattern

Big Tartan Scarf by Yarnspirations

Stitch Fiddle: Free Online Knitting & Cross Stitch Chart Pattern Editor Software

The book link above is an affiliate link through Amazon and if you purchase after clicking this link, at no additional cost to you, I’ll receive a small commission. I appreciate your support!

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