Hat Size Chart for Crochet (and how to use it!)

Hat Size Chart for #Crochet | Plus FREE downloadable chart and guide!

Hat Size Chart for Crochet – Let me help you solve your crochet hat problems

When was the last time you finished a hat and it was either too big or too small? It would have been nice if you had a hat size chart for crochet hats!

The struggle is real, my friend.

Let’s assume that on this particular journey you’re creating your own hat – impromptu without a pattern. This is probably when you found yourself wondering if there is a crochet hat size formula or such a thing as a crochet hat size template.

Crochet hat sizes by age

In most cases you’ll be crocheting a hat for a particular person or age group. That is why a chart that arranges crochet hat size by age is so useful. But what about the stretch of the finished hat? Doesn’t that matter?

Yes, it does.

This is why I have included in my hat size chart for crochet hats a recommended measurement and not just the actual head circumference. I like to use the actual measurement as a reference (to make sure you’re targeting the right size), but then work off a recommended circumference which is usually smaller than the actual head circumference for each age.

You need at least two measurements to get started

For a hat to fit properly, it needs to be the proper circumference (to hug the head) and also the right length (to keep your ears warm too!)

Crochet hat size length is just as important as the circumference measurement but fortunately we don’t have to factor in the stretch to get the right fit.

Where do you get these measurements?

If you are able to take the measurements yourself, this is the best route. The more precise the measurement, the better the fit (more on that below).

But what if you can’t take a measurement?

That’s when this hat size chart for crochet hats comes into play. In it you will find the actual and recommended head circumferences and lengths, two variables in the crochet hat sizing formula.

Hat Size Chart for #Crochet | Plus FREE downloadable chart and guide!

In this free guide, you will find the actual head circumference, recommended hat circumference, hat length and crown size (given in inches and centimeters) for the following age categories:

  • Preemie
  • Newborn
  • 3-6 months
  • 6-12 months
  • Toddler (1-3 yrs)
  • Child (3-10 yrs)
  • Teen/Adult Small
  • Mens/Adult Large

And as a little bonus, I have included a general guideline for crocheting a hat in three basic ways: bottom up, top down or assembly.


Crochet hat size templates – great if you know how to use them

But what if you don’t?

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you are making a hat for your teenage daughter (top down) as a surprise. You don’t want to take measurements because it will likely ruin the surprise. So you refer back to the hat size chart for crochet hats you just downloaded. For a teen, you notice the crown diameter says “Increase to this diameter – 6.75 inches”. Now what?

In this example, you will begin your circle and crochet enough rounds until the circle diameter (length from one side to the other) measures 6.75″. Easy as that!

Let’s look at another example. This time you’re crocheting a hat for a toddler (bottom-up) again, as a surprise. Rather than take a measurement, you refer to the hat size chart for crochet hats and find the hat should measure about 18 inches in circumference. Now what?

Since you’re working a bottom-up style hat (working from the band to the crown), your foundation chain needs to measure the same length as the circumference. So 18 inches in this case.

Whether you choose to work in the round or work a flat piece and assemble it later doesn’t matter.

[bctt tweet=”When you work a bottom-up hat, the foundation chain should measure the same as the circumference you need.” username=”@bhookedcrochet”]

How do you measure for a crochet hat anyways?

There are two important measurements when sizing a crochet hat, head circumference and hat length. Both measurements are important no matter how you’re crocheting the hat (top-down, bottom-up or assembling a flat piece).

  • Head Circumference: wrap the tape measure around the head, resting it in the middle of the forehead.
  • Hat Length: place the end of the tape measure on the top, center of the head and run it down the side to the base of the ear.


What do you do with the measurements once you have them?

Let’s look at a couple more examples so you really get this mastered

Let’s say you are crocheting a hat bottom-up and you took your own measurements just as I suggested above. Great!

In a bottom-up hat we are going to focus on the circumference measurement first.

In this instance, begin your hat by making a chain that is the same length as the recommended circumference in my free hat size chart for crochet hats you just downloaded (the column that says “hat should measure”).

Keep in mind that some stitches require you have a specific multiple and you will need to adjust the number of chains accordingly. Once your chain is the same length as your circumference, count the number of chains and add or subtract so the total number is divisible by your stitch multiple. Then simply join with a slip stitch to the first chain to form a large ring.

Now your hat will be the proper circumference!

Now, let’s say you are crocheting a hat using the top-down method and you took your own measurements. Now what?

Since you’re working top-down, you will need to do a little more work to get the sizing just right.

Plug these numbers into your calculator:

Your measured circumference / 3.14 = the diameter you need to increase to

Here’s an example: 21″ circumference / 3.14 = 6.69″ diameter

Just to clarify, the diameter (6.69″ in the above example) is the length from one side of your circle to the other.

When doing this calculation, you will often come up with a number that is not “friendly” such as 6.69″. When I calculate a number that doesn’t translate (easily) to a line on my tape measure, I do a little rounding.

In this case, I would round up to 6.75″.

You could, however, avoid this additional step by referring to my free hat sizing chart for crochet hats and looking at the “increase to this diameter” column. I did the work for you!

Hat Size Chart for #Crochet | Plus FREE downloadable chart and guide!

Once you reach that target diameter number, you will no longer increase your rounds and continue working the sides of your hat.


Let’s recap

  • There are three different ways to crochet a hat: top-down, bottom-up or flat and assembled.
  • You can take your own measurements or follow a hat size chart for crochet hats like my free hat size chart and guide.
  • The two measurements you will need to get a great fit is the head circumference and length from crown to earlobe.
  • Bottom-up hats focus on the head circumference
  • Top-down hats focus on the crown diameter

If you’re like me, you are no stranger to crocheting hats. They are the perfect go-to project because they require little time and yarn to complete. They’re perfect for that one skein of amazing yarn you found at a yarn store!

I’ve had a few crochet hat blunders in my day. My favorite though is when I finished my hat, put it on my head and it sunk down right to my eye lids. No fun, trust me. If I had a similar chart for crochet hats like the one you found here, I could have avoided this! With this post and my I have had a few crochet hat blunders in my day. My favorite though is when I’ve finished my hat, put it on my head and it sunk down right to my eye lids. No fun, trust me., I hope to save you that same frustrating moment!

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