Knit and Crochet Conferences 2019

Go to a knit and crochet conference in 2019 and surround yourself with other yarn fanatics just like you this year!

If you want to attend one of these knit or crochet conferences this year, you can find more details at the event pages:

Why attend a crochet conference or a knitting conference?

There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by hundreds of others who love yarn as much as you do. The enthusiasm and energy is out of this world and is something you must experience at least once.

I have had the pleasure of attending three crochet conferences over the last couple of years and they were rather remarkable. First, I attended Stitches South – an event put on by Knitting Universe. Picture one big, giant room filled with yarn and cool tools to explore. That’s a Stitches event in a nut shell. I had more fun than I ever thought possible (and my husband enjoyed it too!)

Connect with other crochet and knit enthusiasts at a conference this year | List of crochet and knit conferences in 2019

Next came the Our Maker Life events. Oh my word! I love the Our Maker Life events. I attended for the first time in 2017 when it was hosted in Toronto and what an experience it was. A much more intimate group (around 100 people), the Our Maker Life event is a perfect place to meet designers, makers and enthusiasts alike.

Following the 2017 Our Maker Life Meet Up came Our Maker Life 2018 in Chicago. This event will forever hold a special place in my heart because at this event hosted in Chicago I gave my first (of hopefully many) keynote presentations.

I will have the video vlog experience and presentation episode on B.Hooked TV January 21st so if you’re interested in this sort of thing (planning an epic year and building a crafty business), be sure to subscribe to the show on YouTube so you won’t miss this episode! B.Hooked TV has episodes of all things crochet and knit related but this one will be perfect for you if you’re building a business around your craft and you want to get serious about planning this year.

What Crochet and knitting conferences would you like to attend this year?

Connect with other crochet and knit enthusiasts at a conference this year | List of crochet and knit conferences in 2019

Even though we would love to go to every single crochet conference and knitting conference there is this year, we may only get to attend one or two. I encourage you to attend the event that’s closest to you if at all possible. It’s something every crocheter and knitter should experience at least once.

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Go ahead and make it a goal right now – to attend at least one knit or crochet conference this year – and tell me about it by clicking to tweet above!


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