Are You Doing This When Weaving In Ends? | B.Hooked TV Episode 6

In this episode of B.Hooked TV I’ll share five “must-do” tips when weaving in ends so they are less likely to come out.

Have you ever looked at a project you made and saw these little ends poking out and waving at you? Okay so maybe they don’t wave but I can almost guarantee you have experienced this once or twice.

The hard truth is there really isn’t a magic formula to weaving in ends so they never come out. However, over the years I have found five little strategies that when used together can help keep those ends from popping out.

Hit play and see!


B.Hooked TV is a new weekly series dedicated to helping you get better at your craft. I share a new video every Monday so you can start your week with yarn! Sometimes we talk about crochet techniques, sometimes knitting techniques, other times we may dive into project planning and productivity strategies.

Either way, the goal of the show is to make you a better crocheter and/or knitter. If this sounds like something you need in your crafty life, you can subscribe to the show on YouTube so you never miss an episode.

B.Hooked TV is based on your feedback which means each episode is created with your struggles in mind. Tell me your current struggle with crochet or knitting (or both) in the comment section below and you just might see me talk about it in a future episode!



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Are You Doing This When You Weave In Ends? | B.Hooked TV Episode 6

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