What It Means to Be a Yarn Punk (It’s probably not what you think!) | The BHooked Podcast Episode 104

A New Genre of Crochet

We often use crochet as a form of self expression without really thinking about it. Yarn isn’t something we do, it’s more of who we are. Until recently, there hasn’t been a way to describe how yarn allows us to express our true selves. That’s where “yarn punk” comes in. On today’s episode you’ll hear from Vincent of Knot Bad Crochet as he shares a new genre of crochet called “yarn punk”. It’s not so much punk or rock related as it is a way to showcase what yarn means and expresses for you.

You’ll Learn

  • About Vincent and how he started Yarn Punk
  • What yarn punk means to you and why it probably isn’t related to rock and roll
  • How to can express yourself through your projects
  • How you can get involved with other “yarn punks” in the community and in your area


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Find Vincent on Instagram @knot.bad


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