B.Hooked TV: 3 Things You Must Do to Substitute Yarn

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When you watch this episode of B.Hooked TV you’ll learn the three most important thing you should do if you wish to substitute yarn in a project.

Using a different yarn than your pattern calls for isn’t always simple. There are three very important things you must consider when making a yarn substitute in order for the pattern to come out as intended.

Probably the most important of the three is this: the weight of the yarn, hook or needle size and your personal crochet or knitting style all play into the size of the stitches (and overall finished project). Generally speaking, thinner yarn results in more stitches per inch, whereas thicker yarn results in fewer stitches per inch.

If a pattern calls for a thicker yarn than the one you want to substitute with and you follow the directions exactly, it will turn out smaller than it was intended.

If a pattern calls for a thinner yarn and you use a thinner yarn instead, following the directions will make the project larger than expected. Little tweaks and adjustments can be made with similar yarn substitutions but drastic changes require swatching, some math and a little trial and error.

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