B.Hooked TV: What is Gauge (and why should you care?)

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In this Episode…

In this episode of B.Hooked TV, I’ll explain what gauge is specifically and why it’s something you simply can’t ignore.

Gauge is the measure of stitches and rows per inch and it plays an integral part in the sizing of patterns. In other words, gauge measures how many stitches & rows the designer counted per inch (per 2″ or per 4″) when designing the pattern.

So have you ever finished a project and it came out too big or too small? Whether it was way off or only off by a little, most likely gauge is to blame.

Here’s why…

If a pattern you’re working on says the gauge is 12 stitches and 16 rows = 4″ and you count MORE stitches or rows (or both), your project will be SMALLER than expected. Think more stitches = more condensed = smaller.

However, if you count FEWER stitches or rows (or both), your project will be LARGER than expected. Think fewer stitches = less condensed = bigger.

So what do you do if your gauge doesn’t match the pattern?

At some point, you’ll run into this problem. Fotunately, there’s a pretty easy fix. If you count more stitches per inch, your stitches are too small so try going up a hook size and check your gauge again.

Alternatively, if you count fewer stitch per inch, your stitches are too big so try going down a hook size and check your gauge again.

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