Crochet Easter Eggs

A fun Easter crochet project to make this season

Skill Level | Easy
Finished Size | 2″ wide; 2.75″ long

Make a few of these easter eggs this season to decorate or give your your kids’ teacher or make a bunch to have a handmade easter egg hunt!

If you’re looking for a fun little Easter crochet project, look no further than these cute little crochet Easter eggs. They’re perfect to add to Easter baskets, to decorate your table or island, to gift to your kids’ teachers and if you’re real ambitious, to host a handmade crochet Easter egg hunt!

This project will allow you to practice crocheting in the round and is a good introduction into “non-traditional” increases to achieve an oblong shape.

Before you begin, review this page entirely so you understand the full scope of the project. We’ve prepared a list of recommended supplies, abbreviations as well as written instructions and a video tutorial to help you through the project from start to finish.

getting started

Recommended Supplies

  • Approx 11 yds; Premier Home Cotton (colorways pictured: honeydew splash, ocean splash, tangerine splash)
  • 4 mm Crochet Hook
  • Approx 0.3 ounces Polyfil stuffing for each egg
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors

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  • Ch Chain
  • Rep Repeat
  • Sc Single Crochet
  • Sc2tog Single Crochet Two Together **
  • Slst Slip Stitch
  • St(s) Stitch(es)

Single Crochet Two Together (Sc2tog): Insert hook in designated stitch through the front loop only, yarn over and pull up a loop. Insert hook into next stitch through the front loop only, yarn over and pull up a loop. Yarn over and pull through all three loops on your hook.

By using the front loops only, you are creating what is called the “invisible decrease”.

Finished Size

2″ wide by 2.75″ long


Use finished size to measure gauge.

These crochet easter eggs are worked in spiral rounds beginning with a magic ring. You will use a variety of increasing and non-increasing rounds to achieve the desired shape.

Decreases (sc2tog) are worked using the invisible method to reduce the size of the holes you will see on the bottom of your egg. Please see special stitches for instructions on how to crochet the invisible decrease (sc2tog).

Need to Print this Pattern?

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Round 1: Make a magic ring with 6 sc. Do not join, continue to work in spiral throughout. Use a stitch marker to identify first stitch of each round.

Round 2: Make 2 sc in each st. (12 sts)

Round 3: 1 sc in each st. (12 sts)

Round 4: 1 sc in the first st. *2 sc in next st. 1 sc in next st. Rep from * to end of round. (18 sts)

Round 5: 1 sc in each st. (18 sts)

Round 6: 1 sc in the first 2 sts. *2 sc in next st. 1 sc in next 2 sts. Rep from * to end of round (24 sts)

Rounds 7-12: 1 sc in each st. (24 sts)

Round 13: 1 sc in the first 2 sts. Sc2tog. *1 Sc in next 2 sts. Sc2tog. Rep from * to end of round. (18 sts)

Round 14: 1 sc in the first st. *Sc2tog. 1 Sc in next st. Rep from * to end of round. (12 sts)

Stuff egg at end of this round.

Round 15: *Sc2tog. Rep from * to end of round. (6 sts) Remove stitch marker and slst into that st to correct jog from working in a spiral.


Fasten off leaving a 5-6″ tail. Using a darning needle, run the tail in and out of each of the 6 stitches of your final round (this will create a drawstring closure). Pull on the tail to draw up the opening and weave in your end.

see how it’s done

Crochet Easter Egg Tutorial

Video not displaying? Watch this tutorial on YouTube instead.

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