#123 Five Tips for Ordering Yarn Online

Are you hesitant to order yarn online because you need to see and feel it first?

I’ll be honest, I love the “thrill of the hunt” – going to a store like Joann’s or Michael’s not knowing what I’m going to find. You just can’t get the same tactile experience when ordering yarn online. But sometimes it’s something we have to do.

Have you ever ordered yarn online and it wasn’t the right color? Or even worse, the textured wasn’t what you expected? You’re not alone here. I lost track in the double digits! There are so many variables potentially working against us when we order yarn online. Today I’ll share five tips for the next time you order yarn online so you’re hopefully less disappointed or surprised when your package arrives.


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  1. Think about the time you’ll save and let that motivate you to step out of your comfort zone with ordering online
  2. Use a desktop or laptop computer
  3. Get familiar with the return policies and if all else fails, return or exchange it
  4. Order the brands and yarns you’re already familiar with
  5. Give yourself enough time to place the order and make an exchange if necessary

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