#133 Turning Inspiration into a Design

You don’t have to be a designer to use your surroundings to inspire projects.

Truth is, you can inject little aspects of you, your likes and your world into anything you make. This episode and my chat with Vincent from Visuvios Crafts opened up my eyes to unique ways to find inspiration for projects and I’m even more energized to start something new.

So whether you publish your designs or you just like to free style projects for your self or others, we can all benefit from Vincent’s unique perspective on finding inspiration from the world around you.

special guest

Vincent Williams

Vincent developed Visuvio’s Crafts after a long and fruitless search for outstanding quality fall and winter accessories. He learned to crochet at a very young age from his grandmother and picked it up years later. He now focuses on creating the fall and winter accessories he once longed for.

Website | Visuvio’s Crafts

Instagram | @Visuvios_Crafts

Fall/winter pattern collection | Check out Vincent’s latest fall and winter pattern collection

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