Faux Fur Monogram Crochet Pillow

Give your room a personal touch with a monogram crochet pillow.

Difficulty Level | Intermediate
Finished Size | 12″ x 10″

Crochet a super soft pillow for your favorite chair or spot on the couch and give it a personalized touch by adding a monogram using the surface crochet stitch.

If you’re looking for a quick project to use up the Go For Faux yarn in your stash, you’re in the right place. The Monogram Crochet Pillow is a great way to add a personalized and cozy touch to any room.

Although the stitch pattern is very basic, beginner crocheters may find it challenging because the recommended yarn, Go For Faux, has a very low stitch definition which makes it difficult to see and count the stitches. That being said, it’s a great project to get more comfortable with this type of yarn.

Before you begin, review this page entirely so you understand the full scope of the project. We prepared a list of recommended supplies and abbreviations you’ll need as well as a video tutorial and written instructions to walk you through this project step-by-step.

  • 2 skeins; Lion Brand Go For Faux (Colorway shown: Pink Poodle); Color A
  • 1 skein; Lion Brand Go For Faux (Colorway shown: Baked Alaska); Color B
  • 12″ x 10″ Pillow Form
  • 9 mm Crochet Hook
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors

  • Ch Chain
  • Rem Remaining
  • Sc Single Crochet
  • St(s) Stitch(es)
Finished Size

12″ x 10″


9 sts x 9.5 rows = 4″
(single crochet)

Gauge is difficult to read with fuzzy yarn like Go For Faux. If you are having trouble with this try working the first couple rows of the pattern and measuring the total width. It should measure 12″ wide.

Additional Notes: The front and back panels of this pattern are basic rectangles worked in single crochet; a pattern that’s suitable for beginners. However, because this yarn is fuzzy, it makes seeing your stitches rather difficult and therefore, I don’t recommend it for a beginner.

Tips for working with fuzzy yarn:

  • Always count your stitches as you work
  • use your fingers to feel where the stitch should be worked
  • Use the band that runs through the yarn to help identify the “V” to help you with your stitch placement.

As long as your edges are straight, this yarn will conceal many of the mistakes you may make throughout this project. Stick with it! The results are worth it!

Chain one at beginning of row does not count as a stitch.

Need to Print this Pattern?

You’ll find the full pattern for free here on this page. However, if you’d like a PDF version of this pattern to print or save for offline use, you can purchase it from our PDF shop.

Front & Back Panel

Row 1: With A, ch 28. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each rem ch. Ch 1 and turn. (27 sts)

Row 2: Sc in each st to end of row. Ch 1 and turn.

Repeat: Rep row 2 until your panel measures 9.5″ from starting edge. Fasten off. (On one of the two panels, leave yourself a really long tail so you can seam the two sides together later.)


You will free-hand the letter on pillow using the surface crochet technique. If you need inspiration for the style of your letter, find your favorite font and use that for guidance.

This approach works great for fuzzy yarn and it gives you complete creative freedom to turn this pillow into anything you want.

Follow along with the tutorial for even more help. The minute marks are provided for each step.

Step 1: Poke your hook through the panel from front to back at the place where you want to start the letter. Make a slip knot with color B and place that loop on your hook. (Minute Mark 5:30)

Step 2: Pull the slip knot loop and hook through the panel. Move your hook about 1/2 inch to the place where you want to continue the letter and poke it through the panel. With the working yarn (at back side of panel) wrap the hook and pull it through the panel and through the loop on your hook. (Minute Mark 5:36)

Step 3: Move your hook about 1/2 inch again to the place you want to continue the letter and poke it through the panel. Wrap the working yarn around the hook and pull it through the panel and through the loop on your hook. (Minute Mark 6:34)

Repeat Step 3 to finish the letter. For some letters you will need to fasten off and fasten on at a different point to continue the letter.

To fasten off: Trim the yarn and pull that tail straight up and with a yarn needle, run that tail through to the wrong side. (Minute Mark 8:05)

Repeat Steps 1-3 as needed to complete the letter.


With the monogram side facing up, place the second panel on top. With the long tail from before, seam along the long side. Continue seaming the short side and the second long side. Leave the last side open for stuffing. (Minute Mark 8:49)

Turn your pillow right side out and insert your pillow form or stuff with Poly-fil. Seam the remaining side.

You may need to use your darning needle to fluff the yarn around the seams. The fur tends to get stuck in the seam! (Minute Mark 9:33)

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