B.Hooked TV Episode 20: Change the Width of a Project with Gauge

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You’ll learn how you can use gauge to change the width of a project if, for example, you have a baby blanket pattern but you want to make a lap blanket.

You don’t have to guess how many chains to make when you want to change the width of a project.

Instead of guessing, chaining and frogging over and over until you get it right, use the approach a designer uses to create the pattern. So the next time you find yourself wishing you could make this project a little narrower or that project a little wider, now you’ll be able to do it! By making a quick swatch and taking a measurement, you can use simple math to adjust the width of any project – a must know skill for any crocheter!

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What is B.Hooked TV?

Some topics are best explained one-on-one. Since Brittany can’t be right there with you, B.Hooked TV is the next best thing. You’ll find helpful tips for improving your crochet and knitting skills in a relaxed and conversational way. It’s not your everyday tutorial but we try to keep them fun, interesting and educational.

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