7 Tips for Crocheting with Fuzzy Yarn | B.Hooked TV

Season 2, Episode 5

In this episode of B.Hooked I’ll share 7 tips for working with fuzzy yarn. You’re not the only one who can’t see the stitches!

It’s a love-hate relationship for most of us when it comes to working with fuzzy yarn. However, it’s most frustrating quality is also it’s most forgiving quality. Although you can’t see your stitches as you work, you also can’t see the mistakes you made as a result!

This season of B.Hooked TV is sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn which means I get to share some of their amazing yarns in demonstration, and use that yarn to create more free patterns for you this season!

In this episode, I’ll demonstrate the with Lion Brand Go For Faux Yarn. I am new to this yarn but so far I’m loving it for garments and crochet cable projects!

Try Lion Brand Go For Faux Yarn for your next project!

By using the link in this post to buy Go For Faux from Lion Brand, you’re helping to support the show by letting Lion Brand know you found it here on B.Hooked TV… and that’ll mean more seasons in the future!


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