The Knit Vibe | The BHooked Podcast Episode 137

What does knitting and crochet do for you?

I’ve been on a journey this year of discovering my place in the community and how my strengths and values can enrich someone’s life. I’ve learned that although knitting and crochet effects many areas of my life, at it’s core, the process of creating a knit or crochet item is what fuels me the most.

Yarn does more for me than just make a pretty thing.

That has become sort of a mantra for me and you’ll hear me say it more and more as B.Hooked grows and develops over the next year. Until recently, I haven’t been able to put my finger on how I came to this realization. That is until I started reading Vickie Howell’s new book, The Knit Vibe.

She’s on the show today to talk about that, what’s in the book and so much more. (There’s a giveaway opportunity at the end too!)

Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

The Knit Show with Vickie Howell – on YouTube

Yarn Yay! – Vickie’s Subscription box

Headspace – Meditation App

The Muse Headband Purchase on Amazon

The Knit Vibe – Purchase Vickie’s Book from Amazon

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23 thoughts on “The Knit Vibe | The BHooked Podcast Episode 137

  • Abigail Buzzelli

    Hello BHooked community! Crocheting has impacted my life in a few ways- and mostly for the better.
    Crochet started as an escape for me- my own little corner of the world where I could be good at something. I was a little obsessed at first (the bad side of that was me using it to hide from things that needed to be done.) Now I’ve found a positive balance where I crochet a little before bed each night or on long car trips to straighten my head out.

    Crochet has allowed me to connect with a large maker community online- which I enjoy thoroughly. as well as a few makers that live nearby. It has also allowed me a creative outlet that helps me stay in balance. I believe each person should have a careful balance of content consumed to creative output and crocheting is one of my favorite ways to create.

    Eastern NC

  • Sophie Stephenson

    Crochet has given me a hobby and a focus in my spare time. I love making things and buying yarn and I love to learn new skills with my hands. There is so much to learn.. next on my list is Tunisian crochet!

  • Hope I’m not too late, only listened to the podcast today and love the sound of the book.
    I’ve fflojnd that crochet has helped keep my anxiety and panic attacks under control. I previously had lots of time off sick for it which almost cost me my job. I changed jobs and thought they’d gone away, but they reared their ugly head again this summer and I had just got back in to crochet. I set myself a taks of creating a granny square each day and soon found my mood lifted, anxiety under control and able to go back to work much faster than without it. I’m now about 115 days straight of crochet and have just finished my first big project, a baby snuggle sack and feel so excited for the next project. I guess you could say crochet saved me from getting fired.

    Love the show, love the sound of the book (if I don’t win, it’ll be on my Christmas list) and always enjoy your videos.

    Thank you Britney!

  • Crochet has given me a creative hobby, which has positively impacted my mental and emotional health. I’ve been able to share my love for crochet with others as a crochet instructor in my local community, and have been invested in growing this local community of crocheters through classes and maker meet-ups, which has added a social aspect to my crochet journey. I’ve made so many handmade gifts for others and items for myself, it’s so unique and rewarding. I’ve also learned so much from people in the industry like you through your podcast, it’s impacted my knowledge and abilities as a maker tremendously!

  • Nicky J

    Hi Brittany! Just want to say that I absolutely love your podcast. I’m always listening to it on my way home from work. My answer pertaining to the giveaway is that crochet has become my creative outlet. I graduated from school about a year ago and that’s when I started crocheting again. Finding a job was very stressful and so crochet helped melt the stress away. It helped with clearing my thoughts and it brought out my creativity again. Something that was gone for a while since starting college. So crochet for me is a very meditative thing, as well as allowing my creativity to come out again.

  • Denise S

    Great podcast! I have learned so much from you both this year. I am new to crochet and enjoying the challenge of learning something new.
    I can’t wait to checkout The Knit Vibe!

  • McKaila v.

    Hi Brittany! I just recently started listening to your podcasts, and I gotta say that I thoroughly enjoy them. Like you, I started out with knitting, but was not the greatest at it. Eventually I tried crocheting and fell in love ever since. Crochet has always brought me peace in times of stress. It is a nice mental break from the realities of the world we live in. Most of what I create is given away as gifts. That is why I find the most enjoyable about crochet – giving. Hopefully when I am out of school, I can pick up those knitting needles again! It is on my bucket list for the new year. Thank you for all of your pearls of wisdom. Take care. ~McKaila v.

  • Donna

    I picked up my knitting, and a bit of crocheting again about 6 years ago when I had to give up more physical activities due to health issues. In addition to the wonderful women (still very few male yarnies down here) I have connected with thru a love of the craft, the peace and serenity and joy I get as I create something beautiful, knitting allows me to continue to contribute to my community. Although I am no longer physicallly able to build houses with habitat, volunteer all day at charitable events or fundraiser s, or participate in other physical ways, I have connected with local organizations serving families in need. Whether knitting warm hat/scarf/mitten sets, soapsacks for migrant workers and our local food pantry, socks for our homeless shelters, or responding to a local need for other knitted items, I find no greater joy and satisfaction than being able to annonymously provide a beautiful item made with love to someone who feels unloved or unimportant.

  • Caroline

    Crochet has helped me to see that I actually do have an artistic side that I didn’t know about until I picked up a needle and some yarn. I look forward to coming home from work and spending time “in my yarn”. Crocheting really helps me to relax and unwind. I love the feel of the soft yarn and seeing something beautiful develop from my own hands. It’s like magic.

  • Katrina

    Crochet has given me peace. I get so stressed because of work or other things in my life but when I get home and can curl up with some yarn, it all falls away and I can relax and let all the stress of the day go.

  • I just found your podcast and this was my first episode. I loved the idea behind Vickey’s new book. Beyond being a fiber lover (knit, crochet, spin, weave, and dyeing lol) I’m also a health coach abs hypnotherapist. I wanted to say that there as MANY forms of meditation. We tend to have the stereotype of seated and quiet mind. Yet we can do movement based meditation such as walking or repetitive motion (knitting hehe). For something interesting check out Sufi Whirling. It is about the intention and mindfulness behind the action, thoughts, or words such as mantras. Crafting in incredibly healing and yes please let’s take care of our hands/ bodies so we can create for decades to come.

  • Robin Dechant

    Crochet is my relaxation! When I crochet, it takes me back to my Grandmas house when I was a little girl watching her create beautiful things with yarn. The book sounds fantastic- congratulations on your contribution!

  • Sylvia

    Knitting/crochet/ CRAFTING helps me calm down when I’m tense. Like Vicki, it allows me to sit still. About a decade ago Vicki actually served as a catalyst in my return to crafting after a hiatus when she lead an event in Dodgeville, Wisconsin at the Lands End HQ. I’ll be buying the book even if I win the giveaway. I have friends who’d love it, too!

  • Marilia “Lila” da Costa

    Knitting and crochet help with my severe anxiety. I’ve enjoyed crochet most of my life and more recently knitting, it helps keep my hands and my mind occupied so I’m less likely to do things like pick at my cuticles etc. in long stretches without activity like watching TV. It also gives me a way to show my friends and family that I love them. I’m able to put my love into items I make for them.

  • Julia Gilmore

    Crochet is a huuuuge stress reliever for me. I get serious anxiety from school and other events in my life, and crochet completely takes the anxiety away!

  • Rachel

    Knitting helps give me a break from crochet but both help me when traveling on airplanes and handling turbulence. They both give me a creative outlet and I love making projects for people I know because it brings them joy and that makes me happy.

  • Robin Dechant

    Crochet is my life saver, my stress relief and my creative outlet. It takes me back to days at my grandmas house when she would crochet the evenings away when I was young. This book looks beautiful and congratulations on your chapter! ❤️ 🧶

  • Sharon

    I originally got into loom knitting hats as a way to cope with the stress of a major surgery my then infant daughter needed. Since then I have branched out into crochet and knitting.

    I still find crochet and knitting to be a healthy way to cope with stress. When I was at a really low point, crocheting things for charity helped boost my self-esteem/self-worth.

  • Liza Grainger

    Knitting and crochet help me relax and switch off. It’s a real boost to my self esteem when I finish a project I can wear and feel proud of.

  • Rebecca McLaurin

    Crochet has given me a creative outlet, also a way to relax, and I love that the end product is something nice and cozy!

  • Brittany, I would love to have Vickie’s book, the Knit Vibe. I have Parkinson’s Disease and I had to retire from my career as a software engineer before I was really ready. Crocheting has become my ministry – making things that are meaningful to other people, especially patterns. That keeps the cycle going of people making things for other people. I have an Etsy page and I am currently building up my inventory of items. My Etsy page is I look forward to your podcast every week! Twylla Johnson

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