Minimalism for Makers & Crafters | The BHooked Podcast Episode 138

Being a maker means lots of decisions and lots of “stuff”.

I don’t know about you but sometimes that can feel a little overwhelming. Yarn that seems it’ll never get used. Pattern decisions. Project decisions. Do I use this color or that color? Wait maybe that stitch instead of this one?

If you create with yarn, chances are you have thought some of this before. I think about this stuff on a daily basis! A refreshing change of pace came in my chat with T from Debrosse, a maker, business owner and minimalist. In this episode I explored all the areas of minimalism as it relates to makers, yarn business owners and yarn enthusiasts in general.

Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

To follow along with Haiti volunteer opportunities (donating yarn, making hats/sweaters) follow T on Instagram @debrosse_nyc – She will share those opportunities in Instagram Stories.

Modern Crochet | Patterns & Designs for the Minimalist Maker – T’s book!

Airtable – Project management tool T uses

Asana – Project management tool I am currently using

CoSchedule – Project management and content calendar tool I used to use

Trello – Project management tool

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