B.Hooked TV Episode 28: 7 Amigurumi Tips I Wish I Knew Sooner

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In this episode of B.Hooked TV you’ll hear 7 amigurumi tips I wish I knew sooner. These things will help you improve your amigurumi skills and help you enjoy this adorable form of crochet even more.

Amigur — what?

Amigurumi is the art of crocheting “softies” like stuffed animals, stuffed characters and even stuffed food. Many people only work on amigurumi projects while others, like me, turn to it for a creative outlet.

Amigurumi includes a variety of projects ranging from food to lambs and it’s one of my absolute favorite techniques. You can use yarns of all weights and materials and it usually only uses a couple basic stitches. As fun as it is, there are little quirks making it a challenge at times. These 7 tips for better amigurumi are practical and something anyone looking to try amigurumi should know.

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What is B.Hooked TV?

Some topics are best explained one-on-one. Since Brittany can’t be right there with you, B.Hooked TV is the next best thing. You’ll find helpful tips for improving your crochet and knitting skills in a relaxed and conversational way. It’s not your everyday tutorial but we try to keep them fun, interesting and educational.

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